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An afternoon in Malibu

On Saturday afternoon Kabir and I headed off to Malibu with zero plans aside from being able to see the beach at some point, maybe check out some wineries. After a 55 minute drive (it should have been around 30) thanks to LA traffic we finally made it. Can’t complain too much because the view along the PCH was pretty awesome.

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I bought a beret in downtown LA | Article Indefini
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I bought a beret | Article Indefini in Los Angeles

Last weekend Kabir and I headed to downtown LA to pick up a piece of furniture. If you’ve been to LA before or live there, you know that driving from the west side to downtown is a feat in itself, so we decided to make the most of it and see what we could while we were over there. There was a store called Myrtle that I wanted to check out so we found ourselves at The Row (a brand new shopping area in part of the American Apparel factory. It’s already cool with only a few stores open so can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in six months. The first store we popped into (randomly I may add) was Article Indefini— the coolest authentic french store run by a frenchman himself.

I bought a beret in downtown LA | Article IndefiniI bought a beret in downtown LA | Article IndefiniI bought a beret in downtown LA | Article Indefini I bought a beret in downtown LA | Article Indefini Continue Reading

The Perfect Valentine's Day Present | Moddie Blog
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The Perfect Valentines Day Present

I’ve been wanting to write about this on my blog since before Christmas, but thought since Valentine’s Day was coming up that this would be better timing! I ordered Kabir a beautiful frame with a photo of us from Joshua Tree in it for Christmas this year and I was beyond pleased with how it turned out.

You’re like okay a frame? Cool? Everyone does this for their SO?

Yeah, okay. Let me rave for a minute.

First of all— this is in no way sponsored. I wish it was! Hi, Framebridge! Help a sista out. I digress— this company is awesome. You go to their website, click on start framing and you’re whisked away into the easiest way to get a photo printed AND framed ever. The price isn’t bad either, especially if you get yourself a coupon code. But that’s not the best part. It arrived in a box larger than life, but the frame was completely protected. There was already a hanging wire attached to the back of the frame with cute paper covering the back. Then I found a pouch that had all the hardware you need to hang a photo! SO cute. And handy.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Present | Moddie BlogAll you have to do is hammer it into the wall and hang! I know I lost some of you because it’s already kind of easy, but the level of customer service they went to is awesome and I’m applauding it. Anything that’s seamless when comes to home projects I’m all about, okay? Did I mention the photo quality was flawless?

Not to mention this would be a great tool for creating a gallery wall as you can see all the frames next to each other and pick out the matting. EEK. The possibilities.

The Perfect Valentine's Day Present | Moddie BlogAnyways, this is a GREAT Valentines day present for literally anyone. So check it out if you’re in need of ideas or if you’d just like to fill your own wall with beautiful things.

Another great valentines idea for the girls in your life— have you checked out Greetabl? Super cute. You basically pick out a little gift between 10$-20$ and they pack it in cute packaging (that you also choose) and send it for you! Send one to your friend at the office or at home or across the country. Perf.