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It’s time to shop for your closest girlfriends as we get closer to the holidays! Eee what do you get the girl who lets you cry in her lap, who will eat queso with you any day of the week, who yes of course wants to watch Arthur Christmas with you multiple times a year? I have some ideas…

Prepare for your holiday gift guides: gal pal edition!


1. Kate Spade Lunch Box  2. Wick Trimmer 3. Mittens 4. Glossier Mask Duo 5. My Billie Razor Kit 6. Lotto Love Scratch Card 7. Stranger Things Season 1 8. Passport Holder 9. Cactus Planner 10. Nose Contour Kit

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I tried Reformation Jeans | Moddie Blog

Dressed in Black + Reformation Jeans

Hi, I got new Reformation jeans.

That’s basically all I have to say, but I guess I’ll ramble for a bit because it’s my blog and that’s what I do. I’m really into the jeans. I ordered them on Black Friday because they were 30% off and I thought nice jeans for $65 is a win. They’re real denim and they do have pairs without holes in the knees if you’re not a rockstar like me, okay? I do have to say the hole-y knees are a conversation starter with just about anyone including great aunts, and best friend’s boyfriends who don’t get it.

You don’t have to get it to like it. All I’m sayin’. Jump on the bandwagon.

ALSO a fun fact about these jeans is they created 1.6 pounds of waste, compared to the industry standard of 3.4 pounds. That’s half! AND this is a crazy one— 196.0 gallons of water, compared to the industry standard of 1656 gallons. So you’re saving water by buying these jeans. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for you booty. So try em. I have my eye on this pair.

I tried Reformation Jeans | Moddie Blog I tried Reformation Jeans | Moddie Blog I tried Reformation Jeans | Moddie Blog

Madewell Hat // Reformation Jeans // Intentionally Blank Shoes

In other news— the boyfriend surprised me this weekend at my family Christmas party. He just appeared out of no where and I was like what are you doing here I’m hosting a party? Like seriously no one plans things anymore. 😉

It was a great weekend and I can’t wait till he comes back for a full week! (Are you reading this, Kabir? Expecting lots of xmas gifts) We went over to Heights Mercantile and shopped and then got a drink at Spring Street Beer & Wine Garden! Love it. Have you been yet? Tell me what you think in the comments! Until then, girl get you some reformation jeans.


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This one’s a doozy. That guy in your life is picky and he doesn’t know what he wants. Or he DOES know what he wants but he just can’t see to verbalize it. Ya know? Well here are some ideas to get your brain rollinnnggg. And make sure to scroll down for more options below (because I got input from my nosey boyfriend and he wants y’all to get good gifts for the guys in your life).


  1. The Tao of Bill Murray 2. Go Out/Stay In Flip Coin 3. Astros Tee 4. College Yeti 5. Sneaker Cleaning Kit 6. Wisemenscare Shampoo 7. Compass 8. Casio Watch 9. Leather Black Football 10. Map Notebook

Lets get right into this, shall we?

Everyone should get a book for Christmas— I strongly stand by this statement. Whether it’s a quirky book by Bill Murray about crashing parties, or Lincoln in the Bardo (the winner of this year’s Man Booker Prize 2017) which takes place during the Civil War! Can’t go wrong with a Stephen King novel, either (#It).

Saw this coin in a shop in LA last week and thought it was hilarious. If you & your man friend are super indecisive, pick him up a coin to flip to make your decision once for all— out to eat or stay in? They also have ones that say NYC/LA to pick if you’re going east or west. Super into these!

Obvs get yo man something quirky (or classic) for his fav sports team. Anvil Cards is a cool local shop that has great Astros tees (#HoustonStrong) and prints. Speaking of teams— Yeti has a line of collegiate sports tumblers, which is pretty much the perfect gift for any guy (or human). They even have some cool colored ones if you’re also shopping for yourself ahem.

For the sneakerhead in your life, he’s going to need a sneaker cleaning kit so he doesn’t ruin his shoes by DIYing. Believe me, we’ve been there. On the subject of cleaning— he probably could also use some new shampoo or skincare. Check out Wisemenscare, a brand started by a barber who was looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly products for his clients. Deciem’s Ab Crew line looks cool too, and I’m obsessed with their brand so the boyf may have to try it.

For the outdoorsy man, you can’t go wrong with a cool compass from Best Made Company. “A German-engineered instrument that will outperform and outlast anything on the market.” I mean. Okay. While you’re on their site (because you should def check it out) pick him up some basic comfy tees that he’ll want to wear every day. ALSO— I thought this was so cool: Best Made Company has a Maps notebook to draw your own maps. Which sounds way too hipster and like I’d definitely want to try. Or you could just get him the notebook for doodles, notes, etc and he’ll just look super smart & classy.

Watches are a classic guy gift— including the Gold Casio watch that basically goes with anything. My man friend would like to input the Seiko 5 Automatic Watch with a NATO strap to accompany it. He may be right that it’s the perfect gift to give, so go with your gut. Love the straps from Worn and Wound as well. To go with that snazzy watch, get him a J Crew Sweatshirt which are comfy and man-approved. They’re also on sale RIGHT NOW!

Last, but not least, a leather football! Easiest gift ever. CB2 has some great leather stuff— including boxing gloves + bag, medicine ball, & more. Would look great on a shelf or if they want to get sporty. Ya know. If he’s more into TV than sports, then you’re going to have to ask Santa to help you out getting the Super Nes Classic— a super nintendo that comes loaded with 21 classic games. YES, please. I want one too.

Schoolhouse also has some amazing stocking stuffers that you’re going to be wanting to slip into your own stocking for sure. But he’ll love em first and foremost.

OKAY, what are you getting your man for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

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