I love bryr clogs. Who knew?

Lately I’ve really been feeling uniforms in the sense of having basic items you can wear over and over every day. I’ve been working from home these days which means my work uniform has been sweatpants (eee don’t tell). When I do go out I like to put on something nicer, so I splurged on these bryr clogs that I’ve been eyeing for months.

Of course since these are the most expensive shoes that I own, I spilled grease on them within about a week of owning them. Luckily I have a handy mother who used 1 T. lemon juice mixed with 1 T. cream of tarter (like you bake with) to get rid of the stain (she recommends rubbing it in with a toothbrush, let dry and then dust off the residue with a brush incase you ever need to know). Praise everything. They’re now wearable and ready to be treated to prevent any other stains from ruining them. Lord help me.

Anyhow, these clogs are amazing. I think I talked back here about how I was not crazy about clogs until these guys. I want them in every color and every style. Wish they weren’t so expensive so that could be a reality, but alas. I’m happy that I ended up with a neutral color (went for the bridal range) because I can wear them with literally everything and can wear them every day. Goals.

I love Bryr Clogs | Moddie BlogI love Bryr Clogs | Moddie BlogI love Bryr Clogs | Moddie BlogHonestly after wearing these almost every day I can say that they’re incredibly comfortable for not having much padding. I LOVE them. Emphasis on the love part. Other things I’ve been wearing constantly are these Madewell jeans, my topshop shirt with bell sleeves, and my madewell bag!


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Did I fall for the Ritual Vitamins hype?

Guys, I told you that I’m a sucker for good branding. I got suckered in, but this time it was by Ritual vitamins.

Ritual is a vitamin brand founded by Kat Schneider. She decided there was a market for better quality vitamins when she got pregnant. In her search for a good daily vitamin, she saw that there were questionable ingredients used in a lot of vitamin brands. Ritual vitamins push transparency throughout the whole brand. You can tell from their transparent pill bottles and even pills. “The future is clear” is their motto. If you take one look at their instagram, you can probably see why I bought into this (at least for one month). I can’t really review these since I just received them in the mail, but I can already tell you that I probably won’t ever spend $30 again for daily vitamins. I think I can find a better deal with no questionable sources. This brand may be onto something though. What if they’re actually magic? What if they actually DO give me energy or a better mood? At the very least I’m not doing anything harmful to my body and am probably getting more vitamins than usual. Let’s be real here.

Some of the reasons I probably won’t be buying these again are

1) $30 is too expensive for only a month’s worth of vitamins when you’re 26 and relatively healthy

2) There are only 9 ingredients in these, when in a normal daily vitamin there are more like 50

That being said, $30 is not CRAZY. But I just don’t need another subscription taking away a lil chunk of my money every month. Unless these really work in which case I’ll come back and edit this post. 🙂

But, all that skepticism aside, I am excited to try these babies for a month and hope for the best. At the very least they sure are pretty to look at.

Will you try hipster vitamins?


Trying Glossier for the first time | Moddie Blog

Abbey tries Glossier for the first time

I have a soft spot for beautiful branding. It might be the fake graphic designer in me, but put something in pretty packaging with cool typography and I start to drool a little.

Then I buy whatever it is because I want the pretty things in my apartment. This is actually a problem because I end up with dumb things sometimes (I may have bought trendy vitamins. eep.). Speaking of beautiful branding, this leads me to the brand Glossier. Glossier was founded by Emily Weiss, the founder of Into the Gloss, a blog turned major website focusing on beauty. After getting 1.5 million views each month, they decided to pivot into a product brand, creating skincare and makeup products designed for every girl. Trying glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogTrying glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogGlossier creates with their users in mind. They have a slack channel consisting of 1,000 of their biggest fans who consistently give feedback. Their marketing has largely been pushed by user-generated content, which is so fun. The temptation to buy something has been killing me, butI didn’t want to fall for the hype (I always fall for the hype). Now that I’ve delved in, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to crawl out of my glossier obsession. Lets talk about what I got!

I try Glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogI try Glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogThe first thing I wanted was the Boy Brow in Blonde ($16). This is a wax-like formula designed similar to pomade to make your brows fluffed, filled, and shaped. To be honest I was skeptical about this product (as I am an anastasia brow girl). I couldn’t imagine how it would fill in my brows better than a powder would, but I was pleasantly surprised! As you can see in the photos below my brows were perfectly defined. Color me surprised and happy.

I try Glossier for the first time | Moddie Blog I try Glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogThe next goody I got the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22). This is a face mask that they say is like a juice cleanse for your face. I love face masks and had a hard time determining which to get, but so far I’m enjoying this one. It has a normal face mask consistency (wet & thick), but also had some little granules in there. It was very gentle and when I took it off my face was glowing. So far so good.

I try Glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogLast but not least, I got their new Puff Cloud Paint ($18)! I fell for the hype on this one too because lately I’ve been avoiding blush. I bought it anyways. I’m glad I did though- I went for the Puff shade which is a spring-y pink and it’s really very pretty on my skin. Dewy and a nice little flush! It’s more liquid-y than I’m used to, so I’m going to have to get used to blending it on my skin. I did a pretty good job though for a first time, so it’ll only get better!

I try Glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogI try Glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogI try Glossier for the first time | Moddie BlogSo, Glossier, you got me. I’m a fan. I am definitely going to be buying more things in the future. So intrigued by their skincare line, you have no idea. But I’m going to try and pace myself. Wish me luck.

Have you tried any more products by Glossier? Let me know in the comments!