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Summer Outfit For Being Poolside In Houston

Oh hellooooo, welcome to summer in Houston where it’s blusteringly hot & the summer storms roll through. When it’s not storming, it’s incredibly beautiful but too damn hot! Good thing we’ve got no shortage of white linen-y shirts to wear around while we sweat, right? That’s my go-to anyways. Been preppin’ for white linen night in the heights all summer and thank goodness I went over to the Nordstrom annual sale with my lil personal shopper, Sara, whose job was to find me the perf summer outfit!

Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogHouston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogHouston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogNot only did Sara walk around holding all the clothes for me to try on, she also made me try on things I normally wouldn’t. And lo & behold who walked out of Nordstrom with two items that she would never have tried on if she was alone — me. Yo girl got her birthday, summer outfit AND a great light top for steamy Houston weather. The best part about this top is that it’s got elastic around the bottom so depending on how sweaty you’re getting you can continue to raise it up to catch that breeze. 😂 I love me a good crop top and this one def fits the bill. 

Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog Can’t forget my most fav jean shorts of the summer that I got from Anthropologie but are ALSO at Nordstrom now. They’re the perfect wash & fit like a glove. Can’t forget your most needed accessory — a nice, cold glass of ice water. I was sucking it down while taking photos cause ya know. Hot. What’s your go-to summer outfit?

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What to do in Houston this weekend | July 20 — 23
Houston This Weekend

What to do in Houston this weekend | July 20 — 23

Welcome back to what you should be doing in Houston this weekend! July is almost done, but our plans aren’t! A lot is going on in this Bayou City, so get reading & figuring out what to do in Houston this weekend!

What to do in Houston this weekend

  • 19th Street Third Thursdays Sip & Social is this Thursday from 5 — 9PM! Get yourself over to 19th in the heights, grab a drink and wander the best shops in the heights!
  • The East End Street Market is hosting a Summer night market Friday from 6 — 10PM! Local music, food, shopping – y’all know the drill! Should be a fun time!
  • UH is having another print sale on Saturday from 12 — 6PM at Bohemeo’s so go and support them while they prep for their Senior Show! I have numerous prints from these sales & can attest that they’re awesome!
  • Fashion Truck Fest is Saturday from 3 — 9PM on 19th Street & Rutland! Hosted by AG Antiques, the best fashion trucks in town will be there & a bubbly bar! Fun way to spend your Saturday with the ladies (or men) in your life!
  • Eureka Heights Brewery is having an art market on Sunday from 12 — 6PM! Tons of artists, live music, and of course all the beer!

What to do in Houston this weekend

  • Holler Brewing Co. is doing another Appy Hour this Thursday, but they’re featuring Southern Goods! Starts at 4PM and goes until they run out of food! Get your weekend started with yummy apps!
  • The Conservatory is hosting their Third Thursday event this Thursday from 7 — midnight! They feature one of their favorite breweries & host a pop-up kitchen! This week it’s lookin’ like fried chicken so get over there!
  • The Houston Arboretum is hosting Food Truck Friday from 4:30 — 8:30! Fun event to kick off your July weekend. They’re keeping the trails open late so you can wander after gettin’ some food truck yumz!
  • Guuuuuuys my FAV ice cream shop of all time is having a grand opening on Saturday… BASKIN ROBBINS! They’re opening a new store on Woodway from 12 — 4PM. $1.50 a scoop! YUMZ.
  • Houston Fajita Festival is Saturday from 1 — 9PM at HTX Sports Creek! Live music, live art, handcrafted cocktails from spiked lemonade to Micheladas with a twist. PLUS all the fajita options you can imagine!
  • Okay it’s STILL national hot dog month so you know Good Dog is still celebrating with their tap takeovers – this weekend it’s Lone Pint Brewery takin over the taps on Saturday from 12 — 6PM!
  • Want to hang out at a brewery and get some good BBQ? Holler for BBQ is back at Holler Brewing Co with Feges BBQ! Go relax, drink & eat Sunday from 2 — 8PM!

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RacePace Workout Studio in Houston | Moddie Blog
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RacePace Grand Opening in Houston

Saturday morning I did something I’ve never done before. I ran a relay race. Okay, maybe I’ve done this before in like elementary school but definitely never voluntarily. I’m not going to lie it took some motivation to get us going (all the way to RacePace Houston).

Saturday was RacePace‘s Grand Opening & to celebrate there were a lot of food & drink options, a live DJ, and most of all LOTS of runners. I’ve taken two classes so far at RacePace & I have to say although I was initially terrified of the concept of being stuck on a treadmill for at least 45 minutes and a teacher telling me to run faster during intervals (for reference I have NEVER done intervals whatsoever), I ended up LOVING it. So much that I took a 2nd class & my friend Alex talked me into running a 4×1 relay race. Also for reference – Alex was beyond against going to RacePace in the first place (that treadmill fear is real), but ended up going & obvs liked it because we all went back. So moral of the story is don’t be afraid. Running can be for everyone.

RacePace Workout Studio in Houston | Moddie BlogRacePace Workout Studio in Houston | Moddie BlogRacePace Workout Studio in Houston | Moddie Blog RacePace Workout Studio in Houston | Moddie BlogLets talk about RacePace for a second. They currently offer three different types of classes: Starting Line, Endurance & Speed. Starting Line is for beginners and is about 45 minutes (although only 35 minutes of actual run-time). I ran the whole time, but some people walk during & it’s totally acceptable. The teachers (& founders) are awesome & not pushy, while still being encouraging. I also took the Endurance class which ended up being an hour long (& I internally freaked out), but was also doable! I walked quickly a few times to catch my breath, but overall was happy with how I pushed myself. I have yet to take the Speed class but obviously this is aimed at helping you train to run at a faster pace. If you want to train for a half marathon or a full marathon, they have training programs you can sign up for too! If I were running a half this year I’d probably train at RacePace on their stellar machines.

Oh yea, their treadmills are Woodways, which are the most low impact treadmills around. I can attest that they’re awesome because generally my knee starts hurting when I run (thx training & shoes & weak joints), but when I run on the Woodway I can’t even feel my knee! And I run faster! They’re also going to be integrating your running stats into their website so you can login & keep track of how you’re doing.

RacePace Workout Studio in Houston | Moddie BlogRacePace Workout Studio in Houston | Moddie BlogDid I mention the music they play is so bomb? I’m the type of person who needs the right kind of music playing to get me motivated & these guys know what they’re doing! Anyways back to the 4×1 relay that happened on Saturday. Our team time was 28 minutes & I ran about 7:35 which is prob the fastest mile I’ve ever run. We had a great time & even though it was painful, I’m looking forward to the next year’s relay! Apparently it’s going to be an inaugural thing so stay tuned with them on instagram. Gotta say RacePace is pretty unique & I’m excited for what’s to come. They also do a weekly social run on Thursdays at Holler Brewing Co. if you’re intrigued by the concept.

Lets run!