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September 2016


The best new show on Netflix (and other recommendations)!

anc_tv-easy_netflix-marc_maron-900Have you seen Easy? It was recommended to me by a coworker and I finally delved into it this past week. It is so good. This series follows Chicagoans dealing with real-life messy issues. Each episode is thirty minutes long and follows different characters as they navigate relationships and life changes. It features some famous people that I love, such as Orlando Bloom and Dave Franco. Honestly, I was hooked by the first episode (despite a few racy scenes – ahem), but got more and more into it as the episodes flew by. I watched four in one sitting, and would recommend just marathoning it to get the full effect.

In one of the episodes the director, Joe Swanberg, didn’t even know what some of the actors were saying as they improvised in Spanish. They had to trust each other that it would work out in the end, and the first time he grasped what they were saying was in the final cut of the episode. The amount of trust you have to have in what you’re creating and who you’re creating with to do that. Swanberg also directed an episode of Love, written by Judd Apatow. Been wanting to get into that, as well.

la-1474478824-snap-photonetflix-original-series-easyEach episode had a different title shot that was unique to the episode. So creative! I want to put a still of them up on my wall. I don’t bring out my inner film nerd all the time, but when I do it comes out loud & proud. Have to love inspiring shows and netflix is KILLING it!

Other things you must watch on Netflix (some are obvious but must be referenced):

  • Narcos: Netfix Original that re-tells Pablo Escobar’s escapades & what happened with Columbia during that time period and is now going into Season 3! SO excited for this. Honestly one of my favorite things I’ve ever watched.
  • Stranger Things: Another Netflix Original that is nostalgic of 80s classics like The Goonies, ET, and Stephen King. This follows a town that is dealing with a governmental cover-up and missing kids, along with a scary monster and some supernatural powers. This is not a kids show, but the kid actors are on FIRE.
  • John Mulaney – The Comeback Kid: This is the funniest stand-up I’ve seen on Netflix. I could watch it over and over. One of my friends does watch it over and over.
  • Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Watch it if you’re into dark, anti-heroes. JJ deals with PTSD and a telepathic, psychopathic ex-boyfriend. It was incredible, but sometimes hard to watch.

And of course, I am obsessed with documentaries. If you are too…

  • Tabloid: Following a break-out tabloid star in the 80s. She kidnapped her ex-boyfriend from mormons and became a celebrity for basically being crazy.
  • Making A Murderer: You know about this show. But if you haven’t bitten the bullet yet, DO IT. So interesting and they’re in talks of a Season two!
  • The Wolfpack: Seven children never allowed to leave home try to experience reality through re-enacting their favorite films. I saw this one in theaters when it came out, but would definitely recommend to watch if you like docs! Such a crazy story!

photo_02I have also heard good things about A Young Doctor’s Notebook, and am dying to see Iris (shown above). What would you recommend on Netflix, so I can netflix and chillllll ooouuut! 🙂

(Also, Zootopia is now on Netflix!)


How and Why You Should Travel in your 20s!

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

I have a love for traveling that knows no bounds. After visiting Europe in 2007, I always dreamed of living abroad. I got that wish in 2014 (a FULL seven years later) and left on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand to fulfill my dreams of traveling and going to film school. Best experience of my life. Since then my love of traveling has only grown to more extremes.

13241390_3446108682147_1630203330655307442_n How to budget for a trip in your 20s!But, as we know with traveling, you’ve got to budget to get there. It was easier flying to New Zealand a year after I graduated because I was living at home and not paying any bills, so my whole income was dedicated to going abroad. Nowaways in my mid-20s, it’s a different story. We have to do this thing called like saving money or something.

But, here’s the thing. There is a way to travel cheaply! I know you’re cringing if you’re like me. Cheap sounds too good to be true and you’re probably thinking you’ll be in an un-air conditioned hut in the middle of nowhere. I need a pool to be feeling like I’m on vacation, am I right?

So, let me tell you about Nicaragua.

How to budget for a trip in your 20s! @moddiebloghow to budget for a trip in your 20s! @moddieblog13263922_3446114002280_5234658405503048055_nLast February I was tipsy at a wedding and I texted one of my best girl-friends and told her we were going to take a trip. Probably to Nicaragua. (Tip #1- find places where you can fly cheap. Nicaragua was <300$ roundtrip) She laughed and said sure. She didn’t realize I was serious until the next few weeks when I began to plan and make sure everyone was going to pay money. Six of us decided to go (this is tip #2- travel with friends). This way our bills were cut in half or more than half depending on how many could fit in a room/car, etc.

The first place we looked was airbnb. This is almost an obvious thing to check out nowadays. I’ve used it multiple times (although not internationally), but figured it was worth looking at. Since we decided on going abroad to Nicaragua and none of us had ever been there, we veto-ed staying in an airbnb as we wanted to be more familiar with the city before striking out totally on our own. So, my third tip would be to scour Pinterest! We found a lot of cheaper, awesome places by researching on that platform. Bloggers love to post where they stay and the deals they’ve gotten. You also find a lot of cool tips and places to check out. This is how we stumbled upon the Tribal Hotel in Granada! Honestly, it was the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I want to live there.

How to budget for a trip in your 20s! @moddieblogHow to budget for a trip in your 20s!Hello, dream pool. This place was $135 a night when we stayed there- split in half with a partner, I’d call that pretty affordable! We got a wonderful free breakfast and the meals & drinks weren’t too bad. Grab some rum & snacks from the local convenience store and you don’t even need to worry about having too many expensive drinks (although the drinks at tribal are worth getting!).

My 4th tip would be to haggle for a good price. We were able to get our second (and last) hotel down to a significantly cheaper and more affordable rate. Sometimes going straight to the source is better than trying to find a deal on a sale site (but also look at these!). Luckily we have a negotiator in our group of friends who does not back down from a challenge. If you can offer a resort or hotel (especially not a chain) a fair price, they may agree on it with you – especially if you are traveling in an off-season. Even if they don’t drop down to what you want, they may still give you a nice discount or free amenities. We ended up getting a room with a pool this way! Yes, our own pool.

How to budget for a trip in your 20s! @moddieblogHow to budget for a trip in your 20s! @moddieblogMy 5th and final tip would be to not worry so much about money! Don’t get me wrong & go on a bender! Being in debt is never fun. But experiences are worth more than the money spent! You’ll never forget how much fun you had and your mind will open when you have new opportunities! Travel is always, always worth it. I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t flown across the world by myself when I was 24. You have to just go.


How one article changed my outlook on stress.


I went through an interesting period this past summer. A time of extreme stress about my life. It is not totally over and I’m left now with probably a period of finding myself again. The good news is that I am a strong person, I’ve been here before, and I’m willing to do the dirty work to get back where I need to be.

However, in a twist of fate (although not exactly what I was praying for – which was to feel zero stress and have my entire life figured out), I found this link. If you don’t know what Myers Briggs is, let me throw some knowledge down. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a questionnaire that measures psychological preferences in how we perceive the world and make decisions. Sound confusing? Well it really isn’t. It basically breaks down how you process things based on a few personality traits:

  • Introversion vs Extroversion
  • Intuition vs Sensing
  • Thinking vs Feeling
  • Judging vs Perceiving

I think that this test can’t encompass all humans feel and do, but I do think it is helpful to have some kind of baseline. I hold on to this when I feel a little adrift. It’s like a tangible thing I can go to and think- other people feel this way too. And mostly it makes me feel like yes, I’m not crazy.

Anyways this article jumps into common stressors based on your personality type, and exactly how others can help you. For instance, I’m an INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) which makes me “the idealist”. On the list given of things that stress me out I can definitely say they ALL do seriously. Which at once made me feel better. To have this written down to go back to when feeling stressed is an amazing thing for me. It’s a good reminder that it’s not necessarily your fault that things stress you out, it’s just the way you perceive actions!

Some things on my list of things that stress me out that are very relevant today:

-Too many demands on their time

-Lack of authenticity of others

-Fear that they may lose someone

-Rigidity in timelines

“When under stress, an INFP gets lost in internal turmoil. They feel caught between pleasing others and maintaining their own integrity and taking care of their well-being. Their natural tendency to identify with others, compounded with their self-sacrificial tendencies,  leaves them confused about who they really are. They feel lost and perplexed during stressful times.”

This is so me, you guys. It’s exactly how I’ve been feeling for a while now and haven’t been able to put into words. #grateful

And then I love how it says how to deal with an INFP’s stress:

Validate their feelings.
Remind them of their strengths.
Don’t give them advice. This will only make them feel worse.
Let them “get away” from it all.
Exercise can help. However, with these types it’s best not to suggest it when they are stressed, but after, as a solution.


This is a great article to go over with significant others, friends, and most definitely people at work (where there is a lot of stress a lot of the time!). My closest friends and I swear this has changed how we interact with others. Plus it’s always good to be a little more perceptive of those around us.

Let me know what personality type you are and what you think of this! I know there are lots of different personality tests out there and I’m so interested in looking into all of them. Give me all the information about my brain!!!

Another interesting website to check out if you want to delve more into MBTI is