Moddie Blog has been in my brain for a long time now. I am excited to finally be bringing it into fruition. Moddie, to me, stems from my apartment. It’s cozy, dim, and there is a lot of mustard. A friend described it as mod once, and it stuck. Since then I have been obsessed with the word moddie. It’s like a fusion of mod style & my eclectic, yet classic vibe.

So, welcome to Moddie Blog. It’s my new baby, and through all the steps I’ve undertaken to get it started, it almost feels like I’ve given birth. 😉

I will also be on YouTube under ModdieBlog & lifestyle videos will be under ModdieVlog. Moddie is taking over the internet. So stick around if you’re interested in DIYs, food, beauty, and the lifestyle of a mid-twenties millennial.

Warning: I’m kind of sentimental.


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