Why you should be obsessed with enamel pins (like me).

Let’s be real. Enamel pins are taking over the world. When this trend first came back, I was like “oh they’re cute, but too much trouble to wear and buy them”. Now it is a TOTALLY different story. Give me all the enamel pins. I bought a jean jacket from Topshop & immediately started daydreaming about all the enamel pins I could buy. When is it too much, really? I have also started getting into iron-on patches (but we’ll get to that another time).

I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for you to peruse if you are like me and hopping on the pin bandwagon… guys, it’s never too late to hop on this wagon.

Favorite enamel pins from @moddieblog!

I have to say that I already own the Don’t stress meowt pin because how could I not? It’s purrrfect and already sitting on the collar of my jean jacket. For my birthday one of my friends got me a unicorn pin which is on the other collar (and didn’t make this list because she’s a gem and found me one I’d never seen!). But I am dying to add the T Swift pin to my collection ASAP.

Pins for the succulent lover:

Prickly pear pin

Terrarium pin

Catctus pin (hah for the cat lover, also)

Pins for pretty, but tough girls:

Lashes, though. 

Tough Heart

The prettiest girl

And, of course, for the book lover:

Books are cool

There are SO many more that I’ve found since I started collecting pins for this post (like this one, this one, and this one), so it is very hard for me to push publish on this. Ha. But, regardless, get yourself some enamel pins and jump on board. SERIOUSLY. 🙂


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