Easiest Greeting Card Wall Art DIY

I am known in my friend group for having a passion for stationery.

Whether it be a good journal to a well-designed post-it.

I want it all, and kind of have it all (getting used very, very slowly). I used to manage the stationery section of one of the coolest stores in Houston, so I learned a lot of reputable greeting card brands and slowly began to pick my favorites. There are so, so many to collect. But money only goes so far, you know?greeting card art DIY | @moddieblogSo last time I was there I picked up this great card with a jean jacket on it (and pins, remember pins?) and decided I wanted it, but I didn’t want to give it to anyone. I wanted to put it on my wall. So I devised a plan. I was going to hang these greeting cards on my wall in a mini gallery wall DIY. But this was surprisingly difficult to do. The cards are not a standard size. They’re typicall 4 1/2 x 5 3/4. So, no 4×6 frame was going to work!

I decided to go square and gold. greeting card art DIY | @moddieblogThis DIY is literally so easy that I barely need to explain anything. But I will anyways.

  1. Center each greeting card how you want
  2. Tape it to the back of your matte
  3. Use your envelope (or white cardstock) to cover up the back, so it has a fully white background
  4. Look at the easiest art you just made!

greeting card art DIY | @moddieblogLike I said, I barely needed to write that out. I think the funniest, craftiest part to this is just utilizing the envelope that comes with the card. I was starting to get bogged down by how I was going to create my own matte to fit the weird shape of the cards, and then just realized that I could mostly fit the cards into a 5×5 square without sacrificing the artistic integrity of the card.

greeting card art DIY | @moddiebloggreeting card art DIY | @moddieblogCall me a genius, I dare you.

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