A pirate’s life is the life for me. #belize

This trip was sparked by an instagram that I posted after my trip to Nicaragua, whining about the rain in Houston and how I was ready to plan my next vacation. My friend Sara commented and said “take me with you” and from then on we knew we would be going on an adventure! We landed on Belize because it’s a short flight from Houston (2 hours) and is relatively cheap ($280 roundtrip flight).

Belize | Moddie Blog135From there a vague plan developed. We would have to take another plane (you can take a boat, but it’s longer) to get to San Pedro. From there we would be picked up in a golf cart and driven to a little dock where a boat to our resort awaited. It was quite the travel day, but went off without a hitch and was surprisingly easy!

Our first surprise was that Sara was asked to be copilot on our puddle jumper (baby plane). Because we are adventurers she said yes! And I got to sit right behind her to document it. The flight was short, but beautiful and definitely worth it. Our next surprise was that a complimentary cocktail that awaited us when we got to Matachica. They called ahead with our order and had it waiting for us on the dock! So we had drinks in hand before we even got to the lobby!

Belize | Moddie Blog9Our second surprise was that we got upgraded for free to a beachfront casita, which they warned us was close to the bar (but also the closest to the beach!). This turned out to be wonderful because the bar never got too noisy and we were only steps away from from food and drinks the whole time! Ah, the lush life. Our casita came with a hammock out front and a foot washing basin built into the porch. I don’t know why this was so extravagant to me, but it was! The room was kind of breathtaking. The bed was perfectly princess-y and the view of the beach was just jaw dropping. I can’t even explain through words, pictures will have to do.

8 104Belize | Moddie BlogWe mostly lounged around and read, but we did dare to snorkel and kayak by the reef! It was short-lived, but we did do it and happily kayaked back to shore. One morning we took the boat into San Pedro and wandered the three streets of town. We met some locals, took some photos, bought some trinkets, and then ended up at Elvi’s restaurant. It was so delicious I don’t even want to talk about it because my mouth is watering. We ended up with rum punch, street corn, guac & chips, and pulled pork tacos. I will fly there now to have the tacos again. Above & beyond the tacos was the service. Everyone in Belize is so friendly and chatty! I’ve never met so many people while traveling.


The only time it rained was while we were leaving and it was just a sad sort of drizzle. Very poetic. We miss you, Belize. Take us back.

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