Why am I so into velvet?

I mean, I feel like the title of this blog says it all- but I still don’t get it. Velvet is pretty much my favorite trend this fall. This kind of sucks because I had a long velvet dress from when I was around 10 that still fit (shoutout to elastic), but we gave it away only a few years ago! My new motto is don’t get rid of anything, unless it is from Forever21. 😉

velvetbagMy new dream for fall/winter is to wear a dark green velvet dress to some kind of fancy event. I think I can manifest this into happening if I play my cards right. If not I can always go for a swanky pair of velvet BOOTS. BOOTS! Who thought this would ever be a thing I was into? Oh well, time to embrace the velv.velvetrobevelvetskirtvelvetdress

The real question is what to buy first. #wheredoesthemoneygo


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