Snippets of my favorite place.

Two years ago this month I moved into my own apartment. I’d lived on my own in New Zealand for a while before this, but living in my own apartment in Houston felt like a totally different thing. I had my own space. I could buy furniture and hang things on the walls. I was single and loving every second of reveling in my own space.

img_3378img_3384Where we live says a lot about our personalities, and I think this is vibrantly true in my apartment. I always lust over white, minimal spaces, but in the end it’s never what I end up with. To be fair, my apartment has beige walls with green undertones so my dream of white walls was scrapped a long time ago. But I made due!

I have three furniture pieces that make my day.

  1. Entertainment center that I finally bit the bullet on and painted pink.
  2. DIY hanging clothes rack that my mom made
  3. DIY shelves in my bedroom

All three of these things have one thing in common which is the DIY aspect. If you don’t like something, there is always a hardware store nearby! My entertainment stand came and I was disappointed by how dark it was. The rest of my apartment has light colored furniture and beige walls, so a dark fixture really took away from the vibe. I had a crazy idea to paint it pink. Everyone (and I mean everyone) told me that would be weird. But I couldn’t be happier with it, and I’m pretty sure everyone converted once they saw it! Suckers.

aptshelvesimg_3380The¬†shelves in my room came together (and are still coming together) in such a great way. They took forever to plan out as most DIYs do, but so worth it. Maybe even worth the giant holes in the wall I’ll inevitably have to fill in. I left room to hang prints and posters in between, and have recently made use of that space. I’m still figuring out the top shelf, but it’ll eventually come together.

img_3388 img_3390 img_3394My mom made me a hanging rack for my jackets and dresses because I literally only have one closet in my apartment and it is jam packed. We found a DIY on Pinterest and she did it in an afternoon using copper pipes, a 2×4, and wheels! Love my mother for many reasons, but especially her craftiness. I have dreams of eventually painting the wood on the bottom white, but until then I’m still thrilled with how it looks.

img_3387I feel like my apartment will always be a work in progress, but right now it feels almost complete which is so nice after two years of envisioning things I wanted. Cozy, warm, a tiny bit extravagant (hello, sheepskin rug).


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