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December 2016


November Books

Time for books I read in November! I wish I had read different genres – 4/5 were YA. But I haven’t read any YA in a good long while, so maybe it was just time.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I read this book for the first time maybe three years ago. Cath is a twin, an obsessive fanfiction writer, and in the midst of a crisis. Her freshman year of college is something she doesn’t want to go through- from dealing with social anxiety, being separated from her other half, and stuck with an intimidating roommate with a loud boyfriend- this book is the perfect coming-of-age novel. It’s quirky, light, and honestly so sweet. I decided to re-read it on a whim, looking for something that would be quick and a feel-good book. Happy to report it’s still a 5/5 stars.

The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty by Amanda Filipacchi

I picked this up mainly because of how beautiful the cover was. I do have to say I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it as much as I did. Barb is incredibly beautiful, but for the past two years has covered up her beauty with a gray wig and a fat suit. She believes her beauty affects others too much, and wants to find love with someone who could care less about how she looks. This story revolves around Barb and her eclectic group of friends. This book took a few surprising little tangent storylines and wound them nicely together at the end. The writing was fun and light, despite winding through some dark topics. It was definitely an interesting style, and normally not sure I would be into it- but it got me right at the right time. 4/5 stars!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by JK Rowling and Jack Dalton

Finally got around to this bad boy. You all know what this is, but I’ll reiterate. The final Harry Potter story written in a play format. Follows Harry Potter and his son, Albus over a span of time where fear re-emerges that Voldemort in some form may be back. I enjoyed reading this screenplay, and it was definitely a quick go-through. I do think I would enjoy watching it a lot more than I enjoyed reading it. The plot lines are intriguing, but a bit cheesy in print (mostly because it’s a screenplay). I gave this a 4/5 stars, but don’t really consider it a book!

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices Trilogy) by Cassandra Clare

This series was one of my favorites in 2013. Recently I’ve wanted to come back to it, so I did. This series is supernatural YA with a strong heroine and great characters overall. Tessa comes to joing her brother in America after her aunt passes away, but instead gets conned and taken by two dark sisters who try to change her into something not normal. After being saved – she is introduced to a new supernatural world where she gets caught up in a mystery to find out who she really is.

Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices Trilogy) by Cassandra Clare

Don’t want to give too much away because this is the sequel to Clockwork Angel, but this series is one that just gets better with every book! It has a little bit of everything – action, adventure, romance, comedy. I enjoy it. So if you are looking for a supernatural vibe – go no further than this series!

Not the BEST month for me considering I took a 5 day vacation to Utah, but I read some pretty lengthy novels so I’m going to use that as an excuse. I’m not sure what I’m looking to read next – maybe the first Harry Potter book (seems Christmas-y), this one, and this one! Tell me what you’re reading beloooooow!


Travel, YouTube

UTAH Part 2 – In Video Format

So as you know I went to Utah last week to visit one of my very best friends. I also told myself I would film parts of it to create a little memory montage. So, I did. It wasn’t at all what I set out to do, but I like how it feels. So. This is Utah.


Last minute trip to the mountains

Last week I decided last minute (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving) to buy a ticket to visit one of my best friends in the mountains of Utah. This would not have been possible if not for my United miles, so Thank God for those bad boys because flying on Thanksgiving weekend is expensive. It was so worth it, though. I flew out Thanksgiving morning and arrived mid-afternoon to an empty Salt Lake City airport. My best friend picked me up and we drove home to make a mini-thanksgiving dinner, which ended up being pretty amazing for a last minute deal.

img_3622 img_3624 img_3630The mountains were my priority, aside from spending quality time with my best friend of course. So, we saw them. And they were great. I should have brought waterproof shoes, though.


Other things enjoyed in Salt Lake City –

  • Cubby’s Restaurant where we enjoyed great burgers (and also mac & cheese because I’m 5 years old).
  • The Stockist in 9th and 9th. Such a cool store & a great vibe located in the cutest little area.
  • Cafe Rio is basically the Utah version of Chipotle, but I have to say it hit the spot after a long walk in the mountains.
  • Red Butte Gardens was beautiful even in winter, when everything was basically dead, so I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be in Spring and Summer!

And where to find my amazing hat. (This one is pretty too.)