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January 2017


There’s a new Houston art wall in town

I’m clearly really excited about it as you can see from all the photos below. Reasons to take your photo in front of the new Houston art wall:

  1. It’s in the Heights (on 19th street on the side of Harold’s)
  2. It features a ton of different ways to say ‘I love you’
  3. The color scheme is pretty baller for outfit shots

New Houston art wall | Moddie BlogNew Houston art wall | Moddie BlogMy shirt is from Emerson Rose, a Heights staple. It is coincidentally right next door to this mural. I am pretty obsessed with it as I have a special love for that quote and cacti. Put them together and I’m going to buy it for sure.

19th street really does have it all now – great restaurants, great shopping, and now another great mural! I’m never leaving this neighborhood.

New Houston art wall | Moddie BlogThe artist is Shelbi Nicole, a (now) local Houston artist/muralist. Come to the heights, friends! This is the best neighborhood in the city.



Learning how to create an Instagram theme

You would think after being pretty obsessed with social media for most of my teen/adult life that I would be on top of all things instagram, but you would be slightly wrong. I’ve been on Instagram since it first started, but have YET to hop on the theme bandwagon and here are a few reasons why:

  1. I like to post whatever I want whenever I want to.
  2. How do you CHOOSE a theme?!
  3. It sometimes doesn’t feel natural.

But, I am slightly giving in. I have two instagram accounts (follow me here and here) and I am going to try a theme on my @moddieblog account and leave my personal account for posting whatever I want to post & whenever I want to post it. Themes just seem so difficult and snooty to me sometimes, but I love how they look! So torn. Like maybe if I had twenty different instagram accounts and could post all my photos strategically to each account- but that’s obvs too intense.

Anyhow, I’ve picked a theme for my @moddieblog account and it’s going to be light green/blue accents. The trick to picking a theme (for me at least) was to pick some photos you would post, edit one in a nice way and then copy those edits on to each of the other photos and see how it works. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but that’s how I narrowed down the editing/photo style.

Needs a little tweaking, but it’s getting there! Insta theme here I come! I’m still going to post a variety of photos- I don’t think I can limit myself that much. But I am going to try and keep the editing consistent.

Time will tell, y’all.


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2017 Goals

New Year and new goals, right? This year I don’t know if I want to set specific goals for myself, but it’s always nice to have something to aim for. So I’ve come up with a few that are pretty open to interpretation & not rigid. I don’t want to feel bad about not accomplishing them by the time 2018 rolls around (god, how old are we), so here we gooooo:

  1. As usual (or the past 4+ years) I do have a reading goal which is 40 books. That should be pretty doable as I did 45 this past year… a few years ago I read 123 books in one year, so this is definitely taking it easy.
  2. I want to make more YouTube videos. 2016 was not a YouTube year for me- I want to push forward with being more creative and growing my editing/writing skills. I went to film school and I need to put it good use!
  3. Being self-aware is going to be a big thing for me this year. Listening to what I’m feeling and understanding why it’s happening is going to be an ongoing challenge. The payoff is worth the work, though. Letting go of things I don’t need to worry about is also going to be an uphill battle, but excited to be more chill! Woohoooo mental health.
  4. I want to continue to travel & keep up the international travel especially. Thinking Ireland/Scotland this year. But, who knows where I’ll end up.
  5. And finally, I want to make more money in the form of starting something of my own. Time to brainstorm business opportunities, pick up my camera, work longer. I want to bulk up my savings + start feeling like a real adult. Well, I’ll never feel like a real adult, but I’ll settle for a smidge closer.