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MARFA City Guide Pt 2

After filling ourselves with warm coffee (hot chocolate for me) and pastries, we started the 40 minute drive to the iconic Prada store, which is not actually in Marfa. When we arrived, we were disappointed to see it was still raining and cold and windy. But damn it we weren’t going to let that stop us from getting a great photo. And I think we did pretty well considering my limbs were about to fall off.

Marfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogAfter our Prada adventure (and it was an adventure that included mud, wind, and screaming), we headed back into Marfa to explore the art and shopping scene. Our first stop was the Chinati Foundation, where the untitled cement works were located (another Marfa icon). Unfortunately it was so freakin’ cold and windy that we mostly sat inside the cement blocks instead of taking photos. Luckily we did get some! Then we had to go home and change into warmer/dryer clothes. Ha!

Marfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogLunch at Food Shark was the next thing on the agenda. Beyonce ate there, so you know we made an appearance too. Food Shark is a mediterranean/mexican fusion food truck that has a new menu every day. I got fried falafel balls, and Anais got some lamb kebabs and we were happy campers. Also, the dining car was heated so that was amazing. After re-fueling, we headed to Marfa Contemporary and stopped briefly inside Freda, which was filled with quirky cool things and a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta shirt that I was tempted by.

Marfa City Guide | Moddie Blog Marfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie Blog Other notable places we stopped were Marfa Book Co., Mirth, Hotel Paisano’s gift stores, Frama Coffee Shop (for some ice cream of all things), and the Marfa Courthouse. We also stopped by The Get Go, which is a local organic foods grocery store. I think this may have been my favorite thing and I’m not sure why… maybe because it was just such a random find in a small Texas town. Like finding a mini Whole Foods in the middle of the desert.

Marfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogFor dinner we ate at Stellina’s, a cool wine bar and restaurant in the middle of town. The food was A+ and the wine was on par too. We got an appetizer, some pasta, and then the most delicious flourless chocolate cake. Once done eating and drinking, we adventured to the beer garden (which was closed because it was too cold outside!), so we continue down the street to Lost Horse Saloon- a popular local dive bar. We enjoyed watching the cowboys and the locals intertwine with hipsters, and sipped our drinks near the pool tables. There was a great stage with a Texas flag hung up and on our way out we jumped up there and snapped some pics cause why not?

Marfa City Guide | Moddie BlogThen we passed out because we’re in our late mid to late 20s now. Give us a break.

Marfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogWe slept hard and woke up warm in our heated bed, before rolling out and getting ready for the long drive home. We took some pictures on Winifred and then headed into town for breakfast at Squeeze Marfa, a swiss cafe. Who knew in Marfa they’d have real swiss food? I once again indulged in hot chocolate (with real swiss chocolate) and a baguette. Then we enjoyed the beautiful day that Marfa was offering and took some quick photos in the freezing, sunny weather.

Marfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogMarfa City Guide | Moddie BlogOur way home was long, but we broke it up by stopping in Balmorhea to see the rare oasis in west Texas. It was pretty beautiful with the mountains in the backdrop, I do have to say. Then we stopped at the cutest little restaurant in Balmorhea (ver batim from the sign on the road) and got some spicy as all get out enchiladas that left my mouth on fire the whole ride home.

And that, my friends, was our weekend Marfa trip.



MARFA City Guide PT 1

Well, friends, we went to MARFA. The iconic Texas art town that is a good 8.5 hour drive from Houston, and houses instagram staples such as the Prada store and the 15 untitled works in concrete by Donald Judd.

This idea started out in November. I was on a travel high after my trip to Belize and while planning a last-minute trip to Utah. I texted one of my friends and told her we should go to Marfa & get an airbnb and just road-trip it. She obviously agreed, but our trip was pushed back due to the holidays and my half marathon. So we landed on Marfa in late January. It was very cold. I would recommend going after Spring Break. HOWEVER, our amazing airbnb (back to this in a second) had a heated bed and good-enough heater that kept us warm when we weren’t freezing outside. So on Thursday right after work, we loaded 1,000 things (mostly jackets) into my mini SUV and took off to Kerrville, TX. We stayed the night at a local hotel (and got a free upgrade to a cabana room), got some beauty rest, and woke up to take Marfa by storm the next morning. Armed with Chick-fil-A breakfast, we drove the rest of the way to Marfa and made it there by early afternoon. Getting to the desert in Texas was quite the feat, but the mountains and the colors in west Texas are worth it.

The first thing we did was find Winifred, our airbnb. Winifred is the boat. Originally we had our eye on a cool airstream, but it was taken by the time we booked, so we took a chance on Winnie. Upon driving into town, we took the vague directions to finding her (on the road to el cosmico, you can see her from the street, can’t miss it). Well the directions definitely led us to her and they were right you COULDN’T miss her. She is a boat after all. We made our way inside her hull and were pleasantly surprised by how cozy she was. We were a little put off by all of the things we needed to put inside her (remember the 1,000 coats), but luckily we got everything organized within a few minutes. There were a lot of giggles over the fact that you could climb out the little sunroof above our bed and be on top of Winifred to see the mountains. Quirky at the very least.

Our first stop after our airbnb was food. We opted for an early dinner/late lunch. After consulting a few blogs, we decided on Pizza Foundation, apparently a food staple in town. Everything in Marfa is about a 2 minute drive, so you can really walk the whole place if the weather allows it. We drove because my body couldn’t handle the wind, but boy were we happy with the pizza that came out of the oven. They tell you to start with an 18 inch pizza and then you add your toppings from there. For two girls an 18 in pizza was a lot, so we took left-overs. Solidly good pizza.

We wandered around town a bit to take some photos and to kill some time before our drive to Fort Davis. The town is only about 20 minutes away, but the McDonald Observatory is up in the mountains and takes another 25 minutes. We attended a star party and it ended up being pretty awesome. You sit in the dark in an amphitheater while a guide shows you different constellations and planets. After about 20 minutes our eyes adjusted and we realized that we could see the entire sky. It was actually mind-blowing. We spent the rest of the weekend looking for Andromeda, Pegasus, and Cassiopeia and actually finding them. We’re constellation rockstars. Sorry, I’ll stop.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to see the sun rise on Winifred’s bow. It was freezing so we mostly hung in bed and poked our heads out the sunroof like groundhogs. Eventually we made ourselves get up and we drove to Do Your Thing Coffee. Do Your Thing Coffee boasts specialty toast and obvs many types of coffee. This was definitely one of my favorite places that we stopped in. Super indie/hipster place with a lone, friendly barista who made our drinks and toast on the spot. Also worth noting that most of the cool places in Marfa felt a bit hidden – potentially because it was just so quiet while we were there, but we were constantly making sure we were in the right place!

to be continued in MARFA City Guide PT 2.