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Bryr Clogs & other things I’m coveting this Friday

Happy Friday!

I am a serial online coveter of pretty things. Trolling asos every day is a bit of a passion of mine, you may not know. That being said I am pretty stingy about spending money on things other than food and travel (even though that gives me anxiety too- a post for another time). When I am going back to the same item more than once, I know it’s something I’m going to splurge on. Such is the case with these Bryr Clogs. I have always harbored a hate for traditional clogs as they remind me about a dark fashion time in the 90s (not that I had much style at that time in my life). HOWEVER, Bryr Clogs has¬†changed my tune. I’m even starting to like the more traditional looking clogs (a tiny, tiny bit). Mine are the Miranda peep toe from the bridal collection, and boy am I in love. I think I’ve worn them almost every day this week.

Other things I’m obsessed with lately includes this Bando bag, and Smeg tea kettle. I sleep with a hot water bottle every night (little routine I picked up in NZ), but don’t have a tea kettle! I’ve had to resort to heating up water in a pot on my stove and delicately pour the water into the bottle. This process has resulted in me burning myself more than a few times, so a new tea kettle is on my horizon. Why not a beautiful Smeg one? Also, as a side tangent, fringed jeans. I’m into em’.¬†Bryr Clogs & Other Favs | Moddie BlogI hope you all have a marvelous weekend! I have no plans aside from my weekly yoga, and cleaning! Now that I work from home I’ve become obsessed a clean, minimalist apartment. We’ll see where that takes me.


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