I love bryr clogs. Who knew?

Lately I’ve really been feeling uniforms in the sense of having basic items you can wear over and over every day. I’ve been working from home these days which means my work uniform has been sweatpants (eee don’t tell). When I do go out I like to put on something nicer, so I splurged on these bryr clogs that I’ve been eyeing for months.

Of course since these are the most expensive shoes that I own, I spilled grease on them within about a week of owning them. Luckily I have a handy mother who used¬†1 T. lemon juice mixed with 1 T. cream of tarter (like you bake with) to get rid of the stain¬†(she recommends rubbing it in with a toothbrush, let dry and then dust off the residue with a brush incase you ever need to know). Praise everything. They’re now wearable and ready to be treated to prevent any other stains from ruining them. Lord help me.

Anyhow, these clogs are amazing. I think I talked back here about how I was not crazy about clogs until these guys. I want them in every color and every style. Wish they weren’t so expensive so that could be a reality, but alas. I’m happy that I ended up with a neutral color (went for the bridal range) because I can wear them with literally everything and can wear them every day. Goals.

I love Bryr Clogs | Moddie BlogI love Bryr Clogs | Moddie BlogI love Bryr Clogs | Moddie BlogHonestly after wearing these almost every day I can say that they’re incredibly comfortable for not having much padding. I LOVE them. Emphasis on the love part. Other things I’ve been wearing constantly are these Madewell jeans, my topshop shirt with bell sleeves, and my madewell bag!


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