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Favorite Spring Books 2017

Incase y’all haven’t noticed, it’s already APRIL. How did this happen? I realized I haven’t done a book update post in a while and wanted to share some of my favorite spring books!

I’ve only read 8 books so far this year (2 behind according to my goodreads challenge), but am hoping to catch up soon! Next on my list is this one.

Exit West

I mentioned that I was excited to read this novel back in this post. Saeed and Nadia fall in love during a civil war of sorts. Soon they hear rumors of magical doors that lead to other, faraway places. Taking a chance they step through a door and leave behind their war-torn country. With this decision comes a reality that while magical is also fraught with real human emotions- fear, love, selfishness, and hope. Exit West is such a great novel showing migrants how they really are- as real people. A MUST read this year!

The Nightingale

My mom has been telling me to read The Nightingale for probably two years now and I finally got around to it. Glad I did because I really enjoyed it. The Nightingale follows two sisters during WW2 in France. Vianne and Isabelle are distinctly different and yet their parts played in the war follow a similar tune. If you’re into WW2 novels with strong female heroines then you’re going to want to pick this up.

The Animators

I just finished this two nights ago and man I’m glad I picked it up based on the cover. This type of book is not one I’d normally read- I tend to shy away from darker themes when they’re on the back of a book (yet when I encounter them unknowingly I’m good with it). The Animators follows Sharon Kisses and her drawing partner Mel Vaught as they encounter success as animators up until Sharon suffers a stroke. This novel tests the bonds of friendship, childhood, and artistry so well. Something I normally wouldn’t be interested in, yet I was gripped and finished it within a few days. If you’re looking for something unique- read, read, read!

What are some of your favorite spring books? Share below!

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