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I have to say my all-time favorite shampoo is courtesy of Lush (Big Shampoo), but that doesn’t mean I won’t try something new. I was on the way to the doctor a few weeks ago and after a valium and a lil’ bit of pre-appointment jitters I stress-bought Function Of Beauty, a shampoo and conditioner brand that you can customize according to your own hair profile.

Abbey tries Function Of Beauty | Moddie BlogTrying Function Of Beauty | Moddie Blog Function Of starts you off by having you select your hair type and then gives you a questionnaire that goes through things like how fine your hair is, how oily your scalp is, etc. After determining the structure of your hair, you get to define goals like how you’d like your hair to be more voluminous, more shiny, more anti-frizz, and more. You get to pick up to five goals! I picked shine, strengthen, deep condition, anti-frizz, and hydrate. You don’t have to pick five goals either; I think if I did this again I’d choose maybe three to keep the shampoo from being too heavy. That being said – I think I like how it is now!

Trying Function Of Beauty | Moddie BlogDid I mention you get to pick a scent too? They don’t have too many choices, but you do get to choose what you like best. Mine’s a bit minty, but not too strong. Then the best part is that you get to pick the color! I got orange and pink cause why not. They definitely brighten up my shower.

The verdict is – I like this stuff! My hair feels like it got properly blown out by a hair stylist, so I can’t complain! I’m getting a hair cut soon, so I can’t wait to pair these with my new do. 🙂 You can order Function Of every month like a subscription or do one-offs when you want them. I’m into the trying phase of things, so I’ll probably rotate through my beloved Big, and my basic dove shampoo.

Would you try customizable shampoo and conditioner?

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