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Can we talk about fake tans, please?

If you’re one of my pale friends, you probably clicked on this blog post. I normally don’t mind my ghostly skin too much because it’s what I was born with and I’ve reached a level of not caring that is admirable.

But then I started going to yoga and all of that has been flipped on it’s head. I stand next to the windows (because that’s where it’s coolest), but my skin literally shines¬†like I’m a glow in the dark human. It doesn’t help that everyone around me has nice glow-y skin. Where my pale people at? Don’t get me wrong – my skin is my skin and that’s how it’s going to be… but WHY NOT fake tan?! Why not, Abbey?

Can we talk about fake tans, please? | Moddie BlogCan we talk about fake tans, please? | Moddie BlogSince I’m not into tanning beds and will never be into tanning beds, that leaves me with spray tans and tanning lotion, and the actual sun. I did actually buy a Groupon for a spray tan, but am holding off to use it after I go to Scotland (in less than TWO weeks!) because it’s going to be cold there. That’s the one time I can embrace the pale.

So until then I settled on good ol’ Jergens natural glow in light/medium. I’ve never used this, but know a bunch of people who have and it’s their go-to for a nice pre-summer glow. I think my goal is to use this to establish a nice base, then go to Scotland, and upon my arrival back to hot & humid Houston I’ll go for the real spray tan deal. I do have to say I’ve been using this for three days and I already think I see a difference. I’m definitely not as blindingly pale… time will tell! I’m nervous that I’ll look like an orange so if anyone has tips – let a girl know.

Can we talk about fake tans, please? | Moddie BlogWhat’s your favorite tanning lotion or place in Houston to get a spray tan? Stay tuned for my fake¬†tan venture – I’m sure I’ll keep you updated on what I look like post Scotland. eeee!


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