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Heeeeey Houstonites— are you looking for a hip new coffee shop/juice bar? Well, Bebidas off of Westheimer and Edloe may be it.

I knew I was going to like it the minute I saw a cute instagram with a juice in it tagged in Houston. Those instas are my jam. I love going to new places, and get especially excited when it’s something I didn’t know about that’s right under my nose. THAT is how I feel about Bebidas.

Bebidas Juice/Coffee Shop in Houston | Moddie BlogBebidas Juice/Coffee Shop in Houston | Moddie BlogSo last week I decided to work remotely and headed on over early to Bebidas. First thing you notice is their sprawling outdoor space, which was unexpected. They’ve got a ton of spaced out tables that are all different sizes. Seems dog-friendly and is very insta-worthy. Second thing is the inside is ahmazing. Had to add the h in there because it was so good. It’s a lot of millennial pink, which y’all should know is my favorite color. But they have tropical wallpaper inside one of the hallways and lots of greenery to make you feel like you just stepped foot in Nicaragua. Not to mention they have a neon light sign that says for the love of juice. Done.

Ok now to the most important part — food and drink. I got a green juice that was already made and I decided to also go for a gluten free brownie because it looked good. I’m very skeptical of healthy brownies, but I thought I may as well cut to the chase and see if this place was worth coming back to for goodies. The juice was spot-on what I like when it comes to green juices and the brownie was the best healthy brownie I could ask for. No kidding. Yes, it wasn’t as good as a homemade sugar-y, flour-y brownie, but it honestly was satisfying and had a great consistency.

I will be back, Bebidas.

Bebidas Juice/Coffee Shop in Houston | Moddie BlogBebidas Juice/Coffee Shop in Houston | Moddie BlogEvery Wednesday from 6 — 8:30PM they have food trucks! Their patio was basically asking for it, and I think I’ll make a trip back with friends to relax and enjoy the evening. It is worth noting that if you want to work there remotely — space goes quickly, and while there is a lot of outdoor space you may want to be careful if the weather is rainy! Also, the indoor can get kind of noisy, but not something headphones can’t fix!

Go, juice lovers! Bebidas awaits.


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