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Edinburgh City Guide Part Two

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! In completely un-american fashion (just kidding, spent the whole weekend with my family at the lake), we’re going to talk about EUROPE! Let’s get through Edinburgh, shall we? Enjoy the end to our Edinburgh City Guide… lets go!

(If you didn’t read Part One, click here!)

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogOur second day in Edinburgh was our first full-on rainy day (those above photos are a bit misleading), but we trudged on with our rain coats and umbrellas to continue to enjoy all the city had to offer. Our first stop was Hula Juice Cafe & Gallery for breakfast. I spotted this place on our first day and was determined to come back and enjoy it because it’s truly the cutest. It’s right off grassmarket and has yummy healthy juices, good eats, and a great people-watching window.

After our breakfast, we trekked uphill to Edinburgh Castle. The castle is giant from the outside, but also giant on the inside. We grabbed some audio guides (although I ended up tossing mine halfway through) and began our tour. There’s lots to see and you can easily spend hours wandering around. We enjoyed the pet cemetery (sad, but sweet), the scotch tastings (burned me), and touring the dungeons.

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogAfter touring the castle, we headed down past Princes Street Gardens (they line the castle on the North side and are just gorgeous) to the Scotland National Gallery! Unluckily a lot of it was under construction, but we did see some gorgeous paintings that were def worth the free admission. 😉 We got lunch at Bella Italia, which I’m pretty sure is just a little chain restaurant but it sure hit the spot after walking all morning. I popped into Oliver Bonas a few shops down and my mom had to drag me out.

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogOur next stop was Calton Hill, one of the highest hills in Edinburgh, and also home to Scotland’s Shame — a replica of the Parthenon that never got finished due to running out of money. It still stands tall though and is worth the trek uphill. You get a great view of Holyrood Palace (where the queen stays) and all of Edinburgh for that matter. Just be careful when trying to climb up ONTO Scotland’s Shame because I totes fell off and the shame spread to me. 😐

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogAfter our hilly adventure, we headed back to our hotel and ordered some wine at the restaurant inside, Tony Singh! We had seen a flyer for Jane Eyre, performing at the Festival Theatre and we decided that since it was opening night we should just GO! So we bought tickets on the fly and were so glad that we did because it was honestly one of the most amazing performances/shows I’ve ever seen. Watch the trailer here. At the intermission, they had people selling ice cream — which was such a fun thing, and totally delicious! I’ve been scarred by national ice cream before (looking at you, New Zealand), so this was the best.

And THAT was our stay in Edinburgh, friends. Lots to do, we could have spent a week there and not gotten bored.

Enjoy, enjoy, and we’ll continue our Scottish adventure next with Inverness and Isle of Skye!


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