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Tis’ the season for a summer hat + jumpsuit

GUYS, I bought a vintage, summer hat the other weekend and ever since I’ve been dreaming about how to wear it. How many outfits can I get away with wearing it with? Denim? Linen? Silk? Anything seems possible with a straw hat (now that I mentioned silk – that sounds AMAZING). I’m so thrilled. It’s throwing me back to ACL days where I borrowed a straw hat from my friend Brenda and let her pin it into my thick hair, trusting her to make me look like a pixie dream girl. Well, straw hat, I’m back.

I got this particular baby from Merch and Market, the coolest little place off Westheimer near Montrose. I took a selfie in it (of course) and then plucked up the courage to ask how much it was, even though I was pretty sure it was $100+! Turned out it was only $35, so I took that as a sign that it belonged on my hat wall. I put it on while wearing my yellow rainboots and BAM — a match made in heaven.

  I bought this jumpsuit at Emerson Rose literally yesterday (eeee!) and am SO happy I did. It’s so comfy and light — perfect for Houston summer. Also, not very expensive! I’m going to wear it every day with different shoes (and my summer hat) and not give AF about anything else. That’s my fav kinda fashion. Are we into it? Lemme know. 😉

Happy Friday, all! If you’re interested — check out my Houston weekend guide, and get busy this weekend! Getting out and doing fun things in town is my FAV and I want you all to join! So get in on the action and click HERE, and have all the fun this weekend! Also, get a summer hat. I promise you’ll love it.


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