Inverness & the road to Skye | Scotland Guide

If you missed part 1 and part 2 of my Scotland guide, click away! Here is Inverness/the road to the isle of skye…

After Edinburgh, we got a lil’ rental car and headed up north to Inverness and Loch Ness! The drive wasn’t too bad after a quick lunch stop in Perth where we stocked up on some pretty Macarons. I drove on the left hand side of the road and survived. If you ever do it — try to not drive in cities and it’s not too bad! We decided to hit up Loch Ness the next morning so when we arrived in the afternoon we drove straight to Cawdor Castle. I want to say that this was my favorite castle that we went to but the reality is their gardens were my actual fav. The weather was also perfect, so that helped. I wanted to lay on the hillside and look at the flowers all afternoon.

After meandering through the gardens we made our way to our B&B in the countryside. It was so idyllic, I can’t even explain so I’ll let the photos try and do it justice. On the edge of a forest with these gorgeous yellow flower bushes (gorse, it’s actually a big nuisance but so gorgeous), the house had a long drive, garden, giant windows… what else can you ask for? We ate dinner at the Culloden Moor Inn that’s right nextdoor to the Culloden battlefield (the last Jacobite battle fought on Scottish soil). It was pretty yum — I, of course, went for the mac & cheese.

Inverness + Isle of skye | Scotland Guide Inverness + Isle of skye | Scotland Guide Inverness + Isle of skye | Scotland GuideThe next morning we made our way to Loch Ness! It was once again an amazing weather day (we were SO lucky) and the Loch was beaaaautiful. We went to the Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition which was pretty entertaining but I wish it had been closer to Loch Ness (you couldn’t even see the Loch!). We stopped on the side of the road to take some photos and look for Nessie! All we saw was a gorgeous lake, but as it’s 2,000+ feet deep I’m sure she was in there biding her time. 😉

Inverness + Isle of skye | Scotland GuideInverness + Isle of skye | Scotland GuideAfter gazing at Loch Ness, we hopped on the road to the Isle of Skye! We expected this to be a long harrowing journey, but I can’t say it was too bad. Definitely scenic — at times it felt like we were driving across Mars, and other times New Zealand. We stopped for lunch randomly at the Kintail Lodge and MAN are we glad we did. This was THE best meal we had while in Scotland. I ordered the beef bourguignon and my mom got a soup and for dessert we got a de-constructed lemon meringue pie. I am literally still salivating over the pie. We got in there pretty (11:30AM) and were the only customers and the bartender was awesome and ended up showing us some red deer that were outside, and let us play with his dog who kept bringing us balls during lunch. Highly, highly recommend this place! Not to mention… Eilan Donan Castle is right down the street…

Inverness + Isle of skye | Scotland Guide Eilean Donan Castle | Scotland Guide | moddie blogInverness + Isle of skye | Scotland Guide Inverness + Isle of skye | Scotland GuideThis was definitely one of the most scenic castles we saw. These photos aren’t even how good it looked in person! How is that real. It’s also a filming location from a James Bond movie, which was pretty cool. eeee so pretty!

Isle of Skye is next and the landscapes are unreal.


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