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My first Milk Makeup Review | Summer 2017

This past month I made my first Milk Makeup purchase! Sound the alarm (the good one) because I think I like this stuff. First lets talk a little about the brand. Milk Makeup is designed for the on-the-go lifestyle whether you like full coverage or going bare. Cruelty-free, and made with good ingredients, the products are made with hydrating jojoba, coconut, orange peel, and grape seed oils; fruit and vegetable butters like mango and shea. The packaging, beyond being very cool & futuristic, also is made with as little preservatives as possible. Sound good? It does to me. Okay, now on to the fun part!

For my first order I got the matcha toner, the cooling water, and the lip + cheek stick (in the shade quickie). I also got two samples of the blur stick and the sunshine skin tintMilk Makeup Review | moddie blogMilk Makeup Review | Moddie BlogI’m currently liking everything I got, but lets go in one by one.

First up is the cooling water. Milk calls this “sleep in a stick”. This cute, blue stick is infused of seawater (to soothe) and caffeine (to increase circulation in order to energize your skin and give you a glow). I’ve been running it under my eyes in the morning to de-puff those bags. It’s also hydrating for your skin & feels oh so nice and cool. I don’t have huge bags under my eyes for the most part, so I can’t tell you how well this works. I can tell you that it feels really nice under the eyes and on my neck. 

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Review | moddie blogI think my favorite (and most-used) thing I got was the matcha toner. I never feel complete unless I use a toner (morning & night) and when I ran out of my all-time favorite (korres’ pomegranate toner) I thought I’d take a break and give this one a go. The matcha toner “detoxifies and protects, while ingredients like kombucha and witch hazel purify pores, and organic cactus elixir calms irritated skin”. I generally use this in the morning but when I took it to Austin with me (very travel-friendly) last week I used it morning & night! It feels great on my skin & so easy to apply since it’s just a stick. I just run it over my face and down my neck & done! You could get this thing through a security check no problem. They also have a matcha cleanser that’s also a stick and I’d be curious to try it! 

Milk Makeup Toner Review | Moddie BlogAnother product that got two thumbs-up from me is the lip + cheek stick. I got the shade quickie which is a pretty deep berry color. I might get another (eventually when I’m not poor) in the shade swish because I’m LOVING those bright pinks. Anyway this stuff is so awesome. It’s another stick formula that you can use on both your lips + cheeks and I can attest that it works great for both! It’s made with mango butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil in order to provide hydration. When I first swiped this on to my cheeks I was a bit scared at how bright the color was, but I blended it in with my fingertips & bam! The perfect flush. 

Milk Makeup Review | moddie blog

Milk Makeup Review | moddie blog

*all i’m wearing on my face (besides the lip+cheek) is some glossier flex concealer & mascara

So I also got free samples of the blur stick & sunshine skin tint. I tried both of them already & wanted to give my two cents. I still have a lot of the blur stick left, so I’m going to keep using it and seeing what I think. However, I tried it I think three times and didn’t notice any kind of difference in my pore visibility and it was kind of hard to apply. Felt almost sandy when I put it on, so I wasn’t a huge fan. Especially because I’ve been using the HA Blur from Deciem which is going for essentially the same effect and I think it works better (although still not a HUGE difference).

The sunshine skin tint I only got one use out of and I really liked the coverage. It was light but evened out my skin tone well. Probably not a good choice if you want full coverage, but if you’re looking to even out your skin and take away some redness – it worked well for that. I did have a breakout on my chin and it dried it out a bit, which not great. But that was my only concern! It also comes in a super cool roller ball container. Which maaaaybe makes me like it more.

So that is my little Milk Makeup review! If you’ve tried anything else from the Milk Makeup line let me know what you thought!


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