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Happy birthday to me | 27

Birthdays are usually not my favorite time.

While I love the presents and getting to go out with all my friends & family, I don’t love being the center of attention (hi, introverts) and I also don’t love getting older! This year has proved to be an exception. I don’t know if it’s because I hated being 26 or if I just want to celebrate my friends & fam (for being there for me while I struggled). Either way this year I was very happy to call July 27th my own.

My 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogMy 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogMy 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogThere are a lot of different ways I could sum up being 26 (and I think I did already in my new years post). The beginning of my 26th year started off with a trip and a breakup which I think set the tone for the rest of my year. I took a lot of trips while I was 26 and treasure all of them. Trips with old friends, trips with my family, trips to see faraway friends, spontaneous trips — all good things. Then there was the emotional side of 26 where I started going to therapy and figuring out my brain. Let me tell you, brains are not easy organs to understand. I live a very privileged life relatively speaking, but that does not exclude me from mental breakdowns apparently. Months and months later, I can now say that I went through it all for a reason. Hindsight is 20/20. But it was not easy. You couldn’t pay me to go back to being 26.

My 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogMy 27th Birthday | Moddie Blog My 27th Birthday | Moddie Blog On that note — I am so happy for going through it and rekindling so many friendships & cultivating new ones. My birthday felt like a giant hug from my friends and family and it makes me feel so lucky. Thank you, thank you, thank you friends + fam who listened to me cry and vent and obsess. Thank you for still being my friends & for showing up.

Don’t worry — I’m only sappy on birthdays and special occasions. Regularly scheduled programming coming soon.


(PS click the white vid below to see some highlights of my 26th year)

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