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Trying out mom jeans for the first time

In the past year or so of my life (at the old age of 27), I’ve become a very adventurous jeans-wearer. It started last year with cropped, flare jeans then I went back to low-waisted jeans after swearing off them years ago, and NOW I am wearing mom jeans. Never thought I’d see the day where my hips would fit into mom jeans & I’d actually be into it. Alas, here we are. Not a mom, yet rockin’ the look.

I saw Tanya Burr, one of the cutest UK ladies around, wearing mom jeans & i thought dang, those look good. So I finally decided to stop by Topshop this week and try some on for size. Obvs I liked em’ cause they’re at home with me now. Also top tip — try on everything you can at TopShop and you’ll be surprised at how much fits! I tried on stuff I generally would never wear and was pleasantly surprised. That being said, I was frugal with my choices, but if I had a party go to (or tons of money to spend) I may have gone home with other things!

Trying on mom jeans for the first time | moddie blogTrying on mom jeans for the first time | moddie blogTrying on mom jeans for the first time | moddie blogOkay back to mom jeans. These ones areeee from Topshop and they’re surprisingly comfortable and soft. They hug the butt nicely, but also I don’t really have one & they accentuate that a bit. Oh well. I’m not in this for people to stare at what could’ve been. Am I right? I just want to buy what I like and right now i like the high-waist 80s cowboy/mom look. For some reason (prob the light wash) these remind me of my grandpa who was a true texas cowboy to the core.

What jeans are you into these days? Keep me fresh & young and tell me in the comments below. Seriously, I need help. Also check me out on instagram — I’m now using #liketoknowit so you can shop my photos!


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