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The Basic White Tee

So, if you tuned in last week when I was talking about Time Capsule Wardrobes, you may remember that I was talking about wanting a good basic white tee shirt. Well, I found one!

The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogI’m not even really sure how I found this tee, but I think it was from googling “best basic white tee” 1,000 times. So this tee shirt is a hanes collab with x karla! Find the collab here. You may be thinking — abbey, this is a basic hanes tee. AND YOU’RE BASICALLY RIGHT. But it is a slightly different fit and the material is sturdy as always and I’m basically happy so you can join me or find me next week talking about something different. Also you can do some workouts in this shirt, which apparently I was doing while playing with self-timer. Booty work, always. Cause I don’t have one.

The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogThe Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogI got “the crew” which the creator described as “I wanted a shirt that I saw on all the heroines in movies from Grace Kelly to Winona Ryder. Tight neck, fitted through body and a sleeve that’s just right.”. Exactly what I was looking for. The most classic of tee shirts. How many times have I said tee in this blog post. Prob 1 too many.

Okay, you get the gist. I got the shirt. Now I’m on the look out for my brown chelsea boots. If you get lucky and find some, PLEASE send them my way because your girl is desperate for some boots. Somehow I’ll survive.

PS: Currently reading All the Birds in the Sky and it’s kind of strange, but enjoyable. Will update in my next book post which will be coming soon because I’ve been reading a looot! Okay, I’ll leave this ramble where it is and catch ya on the flip side.


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