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THIS IS EXCITING. We’re kicking off the holiday season with GIFT GUIDES! And this first one is for all the pretty ladies that always tell you that they just want a nice card for Christmas (which is obviously doable, mom, but come on). Moms (or aunts, or godmothers, or whoever really) can be hard to shop for, so I made a lil guide (with a little help from my friends— looking at you alex) for you to pull ideas from!

Lets dive in…

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES: MOM EDITIONButter Warmer // Lush Sleepy Moisturizer // Beautiful Bouquet // The Women in the Castle // Lunya Silk Pajamas // Anthro Blanket // Simone LeBlanc Gift Set // Slippers

Okay, I was stalking Crate & Barrel (as you do) and saw that they sell a BUTTER WARMER. Who doesn’t want a butter warmer? Like, greatest invention of all time. You mean I don’t have to put butter in a bowl and then in the microwave and have it melt to the wrong consistency? I can have an actual cute pan that I can control? Yeah, get your mom a butter warmer. She’ll be happy. Also, I got my mom a cute kitchen scale a few years back and she always tells me what a good gift it was because she has to use it during the holidays!

I recently read in article about this Lush Sleepy moisturizer and knew I had to add it in to the gift guide. Lather this stuff on and it’s lavender scent will put you right to sleep. Actually, it really is supposed to work. Not to mention almond oil and cocoa butter join forces to really hydrate your skin. While you’re at Lush, you’ll probably also want to grab her some cute bath bombs to stock up her bathroom.

Shop Pigment has a ton of gorgeous bouquets to brighten up your mom’s holiday. This one is only $28 so super affordable and incredibly pretty. Who doesn’t enjoy getting an incredible arrangement of flowers?

Every year I get my mom a new book because I know she’ll read it as opposed to me just telling her what to read. Foolproof. I can’t tell you the book I got her this year because she reads this blog. But I did just let her borrow The Women in the Castle (a story about post WW2 Germany and the women who endured it) and she loved it! Other books that are great: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (see my review here),  Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (just finished— it was incredible), Landline by Rainbow Rowell (a tale of renewing love by a time-traveling phone).

Everybody wants silk pajamas. Including me— I want silk pajamas too. These Lunya pajamas are gorgeous, silk, and your mom will want to live in them. To go along with the silk pajamas, get her an anthropologie blanket. I appreciate them every time I see them on the site but never splurge to get myself one. Splurge for your mama. Who doesn’t want a giant gorgeous blanket to cozy up in while watching The Crown? Also— this one, this one, and this one.

Is your mom a little luxurious? Simone LeBlanc has her covered with the prettiest gift boxes with a great price range. Choose from an extravagant mix of candles, chocolate, cocktail accessories, and the list goes on. You can ALSO buy something nice for Dad, but don’t worry there’s a gift guide for him too coming…

Last but not least, these slippers from anthropologie are the cutest and perfect for the mom who just wants a pop of color on her toes. Don’t we all. She can wear them at home, while running errands to make her feel chic, or to happy hour with girlfriends who will all be asking where on earth she got them.

That’s all folks. Stay tuned for more gift guides coming your way in the next few weeks!


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