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It’s ANOTHER gift guide! (If you missed my Mom Gift Guide then click here!) This time it’s for the men in our lives who like to sit back, relax and watch hallmark movies. Just my dad? Okay. Well I’ve rounded up a few things that pops may like so hopefully I can inspire your holiday shopping!

Let’s go!

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES: DAD EDITION | Moddie Blog1. The New York Times Explorer 2. The best Hot Sauce 3. Magnetic Wristband 4. Ebbets Field Hat

5. Popcorn Popper 6. Donner Dinner Party Game 7. Parrot Drone 8. Hedley & Bennett Apron

Okay, we’ve got a rather eclectic pool of gifts here, but aren’t dads eclectic in the first place? My dad is the man who buys himself whatever he wants and doesn’t seem to know what he wants for Christmas so I’ve got to dig deep.

If your dad is into exploring, or daydreaming of exploring, get him a Taschen Explorer book. They have different versions if he’s more of an ocean guy, or go for these amazing (and beautiful) New York Times 36 Hours books that are compilations of the NYT’s best city guides!

An easy way to get your dad a gift is to head to Manready Mercantile (or buy online if you’re not local to Houston). They have everything from clothes to skincare for men. But my favorite section for my dad is the pantry section where they house everything from hot sauce to bitters to sourdough bread. You can’t go wrong here— I think my dad waits for his manready bag every christmas with bated breath.

If your dad is a fixer-upper then this Magwear Magnetic Wristband is a muuust have. So freakin’ handy. Other good handyman gifts include the ThumbSaver Magnetic Nail Setter to save his fingers (and to use yourself when he inevitable makes you hammer in the rest of your nails for your gallery wall) and the Joby Gorillatorch which is handy for just about any time there’s no light. Yep, lookin’ at you hurricane dads in Houston. You want one.

Okay, lets be real. Every dad really just wants a nice hat rockin’ their fav teams’ logo. Literally what my dad told me what he wants for Christmas. So get him an Ebbets Field hat that makes him feel like a legit fan. They’re handcrafted and genuinely timeless. He’ll be thrilled, I promise.

This is random, but I think my dad would be obsessed so I’m sharing it with you guys. A popcorn popper. It’s that thing you don’t really need but once every few years he’ll pull it out and get excited about popping popcorn for the fam. It’s fun and it’s nostalgic, and it looks cool. Or you could get him a Bluetooth Thermometer to make cooking the thanksgiving turkey a little easier every year. To go along with his cool kitchen ware, get him a Hedley & Bennett apron. They’re kitchen cult classics and run by the coolest woman. Your dad will be in good company with people like Mario Batali and Martha Stewart!

Every Dad needs a classic game. I’m not sure if a game about cannibalism is a classic, but we’re going to find out this Christmas because I def bought this for my dad. Hey, it’s a bit historical and looks hilarious so we’re going to give it a go! The Donner Dinner Party game is a “fast-paced game of social deduction in which cannibals and pioneers face off in a fight for survival”. I’m down. Or get him a fancy bocce ball set that he can feel luxurious breaking out during a BBQ. 

Speaking of games, your dad probably wants a drone. I know because I have one and when I fly it in the neighborhood all the neighborhood dads flock over. So get your dad a drone so he stops flying mine.

THAT IS IT! I hope I inspired you to shop for Dad. TBH just get him a beautiful frame with a picture of the two of you and he’ll be beyond happy. Dads are easy.

I hope you’re enjoying these holiday gift guides! I’m enjoying them and up next we have some things for your fav gal pals so stay tuned and follow me on instagram and facebook for more updates!

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