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Dressed in Black + Reformation Jeans

Hi, I got new Reformation jeans.

That’s basically all I have to say, but I guess I’ll ramble for a bit because it’s my blog and that’s what I do. I’m really into the jeans. I ordered them on Black Friday because they were 30% off and I thought nice jeans for $65 is a win. They’re real denim and they do have pairs without holes in the knees if you’re not a rockstar like me, okay? I do have to say the hole-y knees are a conversation starter with just about anyone including great aunts, and best friend’s boyfriends who don’t get it.

You don’t have to get it to like it. All I’m sayin’. Jump on the bandwagon.

ALSO a fun fact about these jeans is they created 1.6 pounds of waste, compared to the industry standard of 3.4 pounds. That’s half! AND this is a crazy one— 196.0 gallons of water, compared to the industry standard of 1656 gallons. So you’re saving water by buying these jeans. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for you booty. So try em. I have my eye on this pair.

I tried Reformation Jeans | Moddie Blog I tried Reformation Jeans | Moddie Blog I tried Reformation Jeans | Moddie Blog

Madewell Hat // Reformation Jeans // Intentionally Blank Shoes

In other news— the boyfriend surprised me this weekend at my family Christmas party. He just appeared out of no where and I was like what are you doing here I’m hosting a party? Like seriously no one plans things anymore. 😉

It was a great weekend and I can’t wait till he comes back for a full week! (Are you reading this, Kabir? Expecting lots of xmas gifts) We went over to Heights Mercantile and shopped and then got a drink at Spring Street Beer & Wine Garden! Love it. Have you been yet? Tell me what you think in the comments! Until then, girl get you some reformation jeans.


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