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LAST GIFT GUIDE OF 2017!!!! This has been fun so come back next year (wait— stay all year round) and there will def be more in 2018.

This week’s gift guide is for the pet lover or just your dog/cat, ya know. They need love too! I had to physically hold myself back from spoiling Mitch because I love making him happy! But I gave him his gift when I saw him a few weeks ago so he’s going to have to settle for me telling him how much I love him over the phone. Moving on— get your pet a gift, or get your pet-obsessed friend a gift for their pet and they’ll love you forever.


1. Wool Balls 2. Bark Box Subscription 3. Dog Collar 4. Dinosaur Toy 5. Cat Bed 6. Sojos Cat Nip 7. Cat Collar 8. Dog Minimergency Kit

This guide is prettty self-explanatory! Get your doggy some cool balls he can chase at the park that will make you both look sophisticated and cool.

DEF get your puppo a bark box subscription box! These are SO fun and not too expensive. You’ll never have to buy treats again or toys. A new box every month and the themes every month are so cute. For December there is a street lamp toy with a wreath on it, OKAY!? What. Such a good gift for the dog in your life.

Make your dog/cat feel more fancy for the holidays with some new collars! Love the CB2 ones and the cat collars are beyond fun. They’ll like it because they’re cats and they love everything, right? To make em’ extra happy get your kitties a warm, comfy bed that’s also hipster AF and fill it with some organic catnip that’s going to rile em up.

These  rope toys in the shapes of dinosaurs are my favorite. I got Mitch one that looks like a giraffe the other month and he looooved it. High fives all around.

And last of all, get a Dog minimergency kit for your friends because you never know when you and your pet are going to have a freak-out and it’s always better to be prepared. Especially during the holidays, yea?



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