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2017— A Recap

Well hello 2018, fancy seeing you here. I feel like 2017 just began and here we are at the beginning of a whole new chapter. This is mostly a blog post for me to look back and consider what I’d like to work on going forward. Blogs are basically journals that other people are nosey enough to read, right? So if you’re not interested in my life, please go ahead and scroll through all the other content on here and click on all the ads while you’re at it.

For those of you who are sticking around— 2017 was a recovery year from 2016. It was slow and steady with dips now and then but mostly stayed on a positive track. It was like re-learning to walk after being in a wheelchair for a year. My metaphors aren’t what they used to be but you get the picture.

In January I ran my second half-marathon all by myself (and actually trained for it this time). I also took my first trip of the year with one of my best friends to MARFA! It was beyond freezing but we had the best time for the few days we were there. If you remember correctly we stayed in a boat.

February was Super Bowl weekend in Houston, and dang did we work a lot. It was a tiring weekend but we did get some stories out of it, and a photo with Flo Rida, so there’s that. I also took a trip to Austin to see one of my favs, Leon, perform! We took advantage of the trip and stopped at some fun Texas landmarks that are off the beaten path. I also started worked on a personal project that will hopefully still come into fruition going forward. It has been a long road from February, but after some pivots we’re still on our way!

2017 recap | Moddie Blog 2017 recap | Moddie Blog

March brought about the rekindling of relationships— romantic and platonic ones. I also fell in love with Mitch the dog in March, so it was a pretty special month. There were lots of park walks and yoga days, and I miss them tons as now Buffalo Bayou Park is still being revamped. Left my heart at BBP.

April was a rough month. I got rear-ended in a car accident which turned into a big debacle and had a tax issue that basically made me feel like I would never move forward financially. Tears were shed on tax day. BUT friends got married, parks were enjoyed and I got to spend a weekend in Austin with one of my favorites.

May can be categorized by basically one thing— Scotland. But also margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, late night vintage shopping, evening golf, and family trips to the lake. I got to travel internationally with my mom, just the two of us, for the first time. We saw museums, did walking tours, drove on the wrong side of the road, booked the last room on the Isle of Skye after a wrong hotel incident, and basically saw the most beautiful of landscapes. Incredible trip.

In June I shot a Rehearsal Dinner for some friends and got back into the photography/videography game. I don’t promote myself much, so it was fun to push myself and jump back in. Other than that, June was a relaxed month filled with trying new spots in Houston. I made my Dad a killer father’s day dinner and smile whenever I see our photo together.

2017 recap | Moddie Blog 2017 recap | Moddie Blog

We started off July right with another trip to Austin— just me, Kabir, and Mitch, who had heartworms at the time. He unfortunately had to stay in the hotel to rest up, but we got to explore South Congress leisurely and loved relaxing at the hotel. We joined up with my friends, Alex + Mike, for a relay race at RacePace for their grand opening. I’ve never ran that fast before in my life. I celebrated my 27th birthday at the end of the month with a party at Nettbar with basically every human I love. Very thankful for everyone who came out— I felt so celebrated and warm.

August brought my newest (and only) nephew, Benjamin Davis!  I bought mom jeans, there were lots of outings with friends to new places, Mitch overcame his heartworms and then there was Harvey— the storm that just wouldn’t leave. Kabir and I were stuck inside for 5 days with no internet (LOTS of together time), but have zero complaints because of how much worse it could’ve been. We drank with the neighbors, gathered items from target for those in need, shot at each other with nerf guns and then Kabir had a big decision to make about a job offer.

Which leads us to September when Kabir decided to move to LA. And then invited me to join. Which has started a new track for 2018 (Hi, LA— I’ll be in you by the end of January!). But other than that I feel like September was spent soaking in my friends. I also got Mitch to myself for a weekend which was a fun adventure. At the end of September I jumped on a plane to Tennessee for a family reunion in Pigeon Forge. It was a relaxed time and on the way back I got to stop by Nashville for a quick afternoon with one of my fav ladies. My personal project with my friend Alex took a turn and we started seeing some development in the way of samples in September! Hoping that 2018 is our year!

2017 recap | Moddie Blog 2017 recap | Moddie Blog

The first few days of October were spent in LA as we started to look for a new apartment. Within two days we secured one (very happy) in Venice! After flying home, I helped Kabir pack up and immediately fly back to start work mid-October. Life happens so quickly. BUT one of my best friends officially moved back to Houston, so time was well spent with her. Then on October 31st I officially moved out of my little dream apartment. I was also millennial pink for Halloween which I feel like has to be noted somewhere.

In November I realized that I’ve gotten strong— physically (but also emotionally ya know). I think I’m the strongest I’ve ever been which is exciting since I’ve never seen abs of any sort on my body. I spent the first week in LA soaking up the new apartment and spending time with Kabir and Mitch. It was a rollercoaster emotionally after the stress of moving and flying the next day. Sorry, K! Ha. I went to a UH football game, enjoyed some great books, and spent time with friends as always. We spent Thanksgiving at home after my mom broke some ribs and I made my first lemon meringue pie and binge-watched Godless on netflix. Honestly it was so well-spent.

2017 recap | Moddie Blog2017 recap | Moddie Blog2017 recap | Moddie Blog

Hello December, 2017 you flew by. I spent the first week back in LA (per usual) and Kabir and I went to Joshua Tree National Park as well as numerous little pop-up museums. We had a great time and I’m officially excited to be in LA and doing all the things. After coming home, I prepped for a family Christmas party that next weekend and Kabir flew in and surprised me. We had a great weekend catching up with friends here in town before the holidays went into full swing. December went by in a flash, but honestly it was wonderful. Then to top it off went all out in 70s glam for a New Year’s Eve party. Def went out with a bang.

So what did I get out of 2017? A lot of recovery. A lot of stronger relationships. A dog (hi mitch). A new city to live in. I didn’t accomplish all of my goals for this past year, but I did stay self-aware, save money (post-april apocalypse), and travel internationally! 3/5 ain’t bad and I did read some great books. I put a lot of effort into my blog and have seen a lot of growth which I’m hoping to continue to develop in 2018! Thank you all for reading and tuning in for weekend guides. 🙂

For 2018 I hope to learn something brand new in LA, travel to some great California destinations, camp with Kabir + Mitch, meet some new California friends, and do a better job at planning my meals. Lunch time is the worst.

What are your new years resolutions?

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