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Products I’m obsessed with going into 2018

Somehow it’s the year 2018 and I’m not sure how to cope. So I’m just going to tell y’all what I’ve been really into so far this year, somehow I have a lot to talk about already. Going to take that as a good sign for this year! Also my best day ever on my blog was last week so I’m VERY excited for this year! Okay, read on for my fav 2018 products.

Have y’all heard of Billie? It’s a women’s razor subscription service and I am literally so excited about it. Mine came in December so I’ve been trying it out for a few weeks now and it’s worth the hype! So here’s the deal— you take a little survey about how often you shave and depending on if you shave every day or a few times a week, etc they come up with a plan tailored for you. It’s really simple— so I’m not a high maintenance girl and tend to shave my legs a few times a week so they’re going to send me a 4 replacement razorheads every two months, and then on top of that you can add shaving cream and lotion to your subscription! For my first month I got a cute blue razor, an extra razor head, a magnetic holder for your razor (this is a game-changer), the shaving cream and lotion. I wanted to try it all. My only little complaint is the shaving cream is really drying so I tend to mix it in with my already bought EOS shaving cream. But I suppose the lotion (which I love) is for. Ver excited to keep trying this.

Favorite Products of 2018 So Far | Moddie Blog Favorite Products of 2018 So Far | Moddie BlogFavorite Products of 2018 So Far | Moddie BlogI bought the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum finally after wanting to try anything by Ole for the past year or so. I’ve heard great things about this serum and after using the Super Bounce by Glossier, I needed another vitamin C serum in my life. They say this is like a multivitamin for the skin as it brightens, firms, fights visible signs of aging, and hydrates your face all day! It’s never too early to start fighting the aging process, so I’m starting now. So far loving this— my skin has been very glowy, even-toned, and clear for the past two weeks! Obvs will give an update if things turn south as you’re supposed to try skincare for at least a month or 6 weeks before deciding how it’s doing for ya.

Favorite Products of 2018 So Far | Moddie Blog Favorite Products of 2018 So Far | Moddie BlogTan-Luxe The Butter is a new gradual tanning lotion that I’ve been trying. I originally got it for New Year’s Eve so I wouldn’t be glowing translucently on the dance floor. I was incredibly surprised at how easy it went on and there were zero streaks! The most important part is the smell is nice and doesn’t stick to your clothes or sheets. After one go I had a pretty glow and after two I felt sun-kissed. I didn’t want to keep going as it’s winter and people know that I’m generally pale, but in the summer I have high hopes for this! I will say I used this again this past week and must have put on real clothes too quickly because there were some spots that did not absorb the tan. Mostly user-error, so just make sure you let it all soak in before doing anything else. Or you’ll be spotty like me!

There are some of my already-favorited 2018 products! What are you using so far this year? Let me know in the comments below!


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