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Random eyebrow trick | moddie blog

Weird eyebrow trick I’ve been doing lately

Guys this is so short & random, but I want to talk about it. I love eyebrows — they’re my favorite thing to do on my face. Weird phrasing, but you get the idea. If I’m leaving the house there’s a 95% chance that my eyebrows are brushed, tweaked, filled and ready to go. I’ve recently been trying to “grow them out”. I’m not exactly sure what I mean by that because my brow hairs are always long, wiry, and ready to be trimmed. But I decided to see what happened if I just let them loose!

Random eyebrow trick | Moddie BlogThis is still a work in progress and not plucking the strays at the bottom has been oddly freeing. Am I the only one in the world whose kind of into the bushy eyebrow? No, probably not. But I probably am the only one whose not plucking at ALL. It’s the best. Goes perfectly with the minimal makeup routine I’ve been doing lately.

Random eyebrow trick | Moddie Blog Random eyebrow trick | Moddie BlogAnyways, back to my weird beauty tip. A while back I was brushing out my brows, as you do, and was frustrated because they were looking so flat & unoriginal. Dumb brows, get it together. So I brushed them backwards. You know how when you want crazy 80s volume in your hair & you backcomb it and then get a little terrified that your hair can possibly look that way? That’s what I did to my brows, but it was amazing! I brushed them backwards and then upwards with my brush, and then ran them through with my boy brow from Glossier in blonde (get 20% off here). They end up looking full, natural, and very bushy chic. I’m super into it.

Random eyebrow trick | Moddie Blog Random eyebrow trick | Moddie BlogHave any tips for your brows? Let me know, I’m always down for some insider beauty knowledge. 😉 Hope you enjoyed this eyebrow trick, and follow me on instagram & facebook for more!


What to do in Houston this weekend | June 23 — 25
Houston This Weekend

What to do in Houston this weekend | June 23 — 25

Welcome back to Houston this weekend! Get your fix of fun things to do this Pride weekend, from trunk shows to yoga on rooftops!

Where to Shop:

  • Waugh Flea market is back in Houston this weekend from 2 — 8PM Saturday! Drink specials all afternoon on Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas.
  • Raven Tower is having a Shop Local event on Saturday from 4 — 10PM. This should be an awesome event with live music, food, shopping and more. Gonna be there!
  • Insomnia is having a grand re-opening and market on Sunday from 6 — 10PM. This event will showcase Houston artists, local businesses, and makers. It’s also free and your dogs can attend!
  • Guys, New balance is having a tent sale this weekend! It’s a storewide sale and everything will be marked down! I’mma be there. 😀
  • There will be a trunk show at Launch HTX featuring GooseWorks and Anvil Cards! This will start at 2:30 on Saturday and end around 6PM. There will be live music and drinks!

Where to Eat:

  • Anvil is launching their new summer menu this Saturday! One of Houston’s most classic bars— get out and enjoy some awesome summer drinks & eats.
  • Eight Row Flint is having a cool tacos + whiskey event on Sunday from 12 — 3PM! Tickets are $50 but you’ll get Doug Ward of WhistlePig to walk you through some great barrels of rye, Aaron Inkrott of St. Arnold will be there to pair the whiskey with Pub Crawl, Art Car IPA, and the new BB18 from his barrel program, aged in WhistlePig barrels & lots of tacos from Eight Row’s Bryan Davis!
  • Rice Village is pulling out all the stops this summer! Every Thursday night they’ll be having tunes and games and more! You can go over to Hopdoddy Burger Bar for complimentary craft brews & bites from 5 — 8PM!
  • Public Services Wine+Whiskey is having a pop up of dessert and cheese pairings with some special beverages on Sunday from 2 — 5PM! Common Bond, Dairymaids Cheese, AND Public Services drinks? Def a foodie way to spend your Sunday afternoon.
  • Eleanora’s Market is back this Saturday starting at 9AM with local produce and more. There will also be some pups who need to be adopted, so if you’re looking, this may be the place to go!

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Trying The Ordinary Skincare | Moddie Blog

My first time trying The Ordinary | Skincare & Beauty

Hi friends! We’re back with more skincare cause it’s one of my favorite things. So remember how I tried out Glossier for the first time (PS get 20% off glossier here)? Now I’m trying out the cult skincare line, The Ordinary.

I’ve been seeing Deciem’s The Ordinary around instagram for QUITE some time as I am a skincare afficionado (well I’d like to be at least). After I did a bit of research and realized how cheap it was (we’re talkin 5-15$), I knew I had to try it out. Not to mention their packaging is something to drool over – minimalistic and chemistry-esque. But first, let me give you some context & knowledge about Deciem, The Abnormal Beauty Company.

My first time trying The Ordinary skincare line | moddie blogMy first time trying The Ordinary skincare line | moddie blogDeciem is a Toronto-based company that was founded in 2013 by Brandon Truaxe. Starting out with just two skincare lines, they now run over 10! These lines range from all types of skincare (including men’s skincare) to hair products to protein supplements and a lot of it is pretty affordable! MakeUp was also just launched, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Truaxe comes across as a skincare magician, hiring only chemists and people outside the make-up and skincare industry to produce his concoctions. The goal is to appeal to the newcomer to skincare as well as capturing the die-hard skincare gurus. Apparently it’s working. We have a store here in Houston carrying The Ordinary and I bet more are coming!

The Ordinary line is a basic skin care line featuring minimal ingredients (nothing scent-y or extra) and all of the line comes at prices lower than skincare you’d find at CVS or Walgreens. This is impressive and made me skeptical, but the reviews were gloooowing. So, I bought some.

Going through the website was a little bit stressful because there are SO many items to look at. That being said there were a lot of helpful guides on what to get for your skin type. Here is a handy guide I used that told me what the products did and how to apply them. I ended up buying just two products to start (lord help me next time I go to order something it might be more like 10 products). I went with the AHA 30% + BHA 20% Peeling Solution and the Advanced Retinoid 2%.

I saw a girl using the AHA 30% + BHA 20% Peeling Solution on instagram, and that’s actually what persuaded me to get it in the first place. This is a 10 minute facial peel that you put on after cleaning and completely drying your face. I put a few drops onto my fingertips and then evenly smooth across my face. I terrified the boyf after stepping out of the bathroom and telling him I was haivng a horrible skin reaction. JOKES. There is some mild stinging, but not too noticeable. Here’s what it does (from the website) – this peel “offers deeper exfoliation to help fight visible blemishes and for improved skin radiance. The formula also improves the appearance of skin texture and reduces the look of fine lines with continued use.”. Here it is on my face before & after below. Did I mention this is $7.20?

Trying The Ordinary Skincare | Moddie BlogMy first time trying The Ordinary skincare line | moddie blogMy first time trying The Ordinary skincare line | moddie blogI also got the retinoid because Caroline Hirons always recommends a retinol and I’ve never used one UNTIL NOW! This is a milky white formula that is for use at night after cleanin’ yo face. I put two drops on my fingertips and pat onto my face. Retinol increases cell-turnover and is great for anti-aging. If you’ve never used retinol, they do also have a 1% that may be a better starting point. My skin isn’t very sensitive, so I thought I’d just go for the 2%. This stuff comes at $9.80 a bottle, and I can see it lasting a good while.

So far I am loving this stuff for my skin. I can see some acne scarring fading and not many new blemishes appearing! Although I’m going to give it a little while before I fully decide if this is to die for.

Have you bought anything from The Ordinary??? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂