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My 27th Birthday | Moddie Blog

Happy birthday to me | 27

Birthdays are usually not my favorite time.

While I love the presents and getting to go out with all my friends & family, I don’t love being the center of attention (hi, introverts) and I also don’t love getting older! This year has proved to be an exception. I don’t know if it’s because I hated being 26 or if I just want to celebrate my friends & fam (for being there for me while I struggled). Either way this year I was very happy to call July 27th my own.

My 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogMy 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogMy 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogThere are a lot of different ways I could sum up being 26 (and I think I did already in my new years post). The beginning of my 26th year started off with a trip and a breakup which I think set the tone for the rest of my year. I took a lot of trips while I was 26 and treasure all of them. Trips with old friends, trips with my family, trips to see faraway friends, spontaneous trips — all good things. Then there was the emotional side of 26 where I started going to therapy and figuring out my brain. Let me tell you, brains are not easy organs to understand. I live a very privileged life relatively speaking, but that does not exclude me from mental breakdowns apparently. Months and months later, I can now say that I went through it all for a reason. Hindsight is 20/20. But it was not easy. You couldn’t pay me to go back to being 26.

My 27th Birthday | Moddie BlogMy 27th Birthday | Moddie Blog My 27th Birthday | Moddie Blog On that note — I am so happy for going through it and rekindling so many friendships & cultivating new ones. My birthday felt like a giant hug from my friends and family and it makes me feel so lucky. Thank you, thank you, thank you friends + fam who listened to me cry and vent and obsess. Thank you for still being my friends & for showing up.

Don’t worry — I’m only sappy on birthdays and special occasions. Regularly scheduled programming coming soon.


(PS click the white vid below to see some highlights of my 26th year)

The Coolest Houston Nail Salon | Paloma Nails

The coolest Houston nail salon | Paloma Nails

I’ve been drooling lately over Paloma Nails, a non-toxic Houston nail salon off Post Oak. It’s kiiiiiiind of beautiful. Located right around the corner from Whole Foods and right next door to North Italia (so yum), this place ushers you in with lots of natural light and even has tile on the doorstep that says Escape to beautiful. So you know it’s going to be good.

The Coolest Nail Salon in Houston | Paloma NailsPaloma’s mission is to match beauty with wellness. They should be able to coexist. Paloma has successfully been able to exclude harmful chemicals like dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, or camphor, which are used in traditional nail salons. This is good for our sakes, but also their technicians. Their nail colors come in a large range and are long-lasting. Their brand is gorgeous from the decor to the nail menu.

Did I mention they’re superstars at nail art? But like cool nail art, not your pre-teen self’s nail art. You know what I’m sayin’? Generally I shy away from these things but since it was my birthday weekend, I decided to get some evil eyes painted on two nails. Cause when else can you go all out? I did a blue eye to match blue toenails (i know i’m soooo crazy) with a gorgeous neutral under layer.

Also need to throw out there that they have a foolproof 18 step method. Which sounds long, but it was very enjoyable. Having hands and feet massaged is always a good thing. 😉

The coolest Houston nail salon | Paloma NailsThe coolest Houston nail salon | Paloma NailsCan we talk about those navy plush chairs? Drool-worthy and so comfortable. I want one for my home! The technicians were so kind and accommodating that I know I’ll be back when I’m wanting to get my nails done outside my own home. DID I MENTION they’re opening another location in the heights?! Y’all know I’m sold.

Are you convinced yet that this is the coolest Houston nail salon? Where’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


What to do in Houston this weekend | July 27 — 30
Houston This Weekend

What to do in Houston this weekend | July 27 — 30

Guess what, Houstonians? It’s my birthday weekend! That doesn’t mean I’ve skimped on all the things to do, as usual there’s a lot going on in Houston this weekend! Critical mass is this Friday, Presidio is hosting their first market, Axelrad is doing ALL the things, and LOTS more! Lets get planning your houston weekend!

What to do in Houston this weekend

  • Sawyer Yards is killing it this summer with events almost every weekend, and this one is no different with their Summer Series Art Stroll & Sale on Friday from 5 — 9PM! Meet new artists while enjoying live music, food trucks and summer cocktails!
  • Presidio is having their first Saturday morning market from 9 — 11AM. They’ll be selling produce, art, music & more! Can’t wait to check this out. If you haven’t been yet, def go for the market but also go for a cocktail later in the evening & maybe even some bites!
  • Go to Axelrad on Saturday and check out BARC’s pups up for adoption! Babies need homes and happy houston families! This Brew Dogs Foster event will go from noon — 4PM!
  • Saturday from 2 — 8PM the Waugh Flea market will be up and runnin’. Sip, shop, repeat.

What to do in Houston this weekend

  • OKAY, Axlerad, we get it. You’re cool. Thursday night from 6 — 11PM there’s a Thai Style Fried Chicken Pop Up! YUM. K. We’ll be there. Except it’s my birthday, but otherwise!
  • The Dunlavy is having their champagne and sorbet pop up happy hour Thursday starting at 2PM and going all the way to 9PM! Sorbet cocktails & reg cocktail specials all night!
  • Want tamales? Axelrad and The Hot Damn Tamale Factory got you covered Friday night! Starting at 6PM — tamales & live music! Can’t go wrong!
  • If you’re into beer & steak, I know where you’re going to want to be on Friday night. Beer Market Co. on Studemont for their Steak Night & The World Tour of Beer, plus Rock ‘n Roll Bingo! Starting at 6PM, you can win all the prizes and enjoy a live DJ!
  • It’s the LAST weekend this month, so sadly that means that National Hot Dog Month is almost over. Good thing Good Dog has their finale of tap takeovers with Houston’s fav brewery, Saint Arnolds. Check it out on Saturday from 12 — 6PM!
  • Sunday from 2 — 8PM Holler Brewing Co & Feges BBQ are banding up once again for their Holler for BBQ event! It’s the last Sunday pop-up so make sure you get out there and go this weekend if you haven’t yet! Starts at 2PM and goes till it’s gone!
  • On Sunday Southern Goods is hosting a Flesh & Bone Brunch which sounds kinda gross, but they’re cohosting with The Houston Zombie Walk, so it makes sense. All you can eat buffet, cocktail specials, and a zombie horde just for YOU! Classic Sunday morning.

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