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Glossier Wowder Powder Review | Moddie Blog
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Glossier Wowder Powder Review & 20% Off | Moddie Blog

Glossier is one of my faaaaavorite beauty brands. So I’m super psyched that they reached out to ask me to be a Glossier rep! I use their products on the reg and just recently got their brand new Wowder Powder! So I thought I’d do a little review for you guys. Honestly I wasn’t too into the powder train because I’ve been loving a good summer, glowy look. You want to put powder on my glow? No, thanks. But I thought I would try it out just incaaase, or for when winter rolls around and I don’t want to look greasy. Ya know.

For a simple lil makeup look, I generally start off with the Glossier stretch concealer in light, which I’ve really grown to love. It’s very dewy and illuminating. Perfect for under the eyes. I also like to put it on my chin and around my nose where redness hangs out. Then I use the wowder on top to cut some of the dewy and to set the concealer. All the illumination is still there!

Y’all every single day I use the cloud paint in the shade puff. It’s so summer-y and easy to use. I put the tiniest drop on my ring finger, pat half onto my other ring finger and then blend onto each cheek. Easy, breezy. Then you gotta do the brows. I use boy brow in blonde – another go-to every day for natural looking, full brows.

Glossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogMakeup done! To add some dewiness back on to the face, you can use their haloscope along the cheekbones and down the nose. It works super well and then you don’t have to worry about lookin’ sweaty. Don’t forget the balm dot com on the lips. Also a fav.

Glossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blog Glossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogDiiiiid I mention you can buy the cute Wowder brush too? Get it as a set to save some money & you can shop with me to get 20% off your entire purchase. 🙂 What’s your fav glossier product? Mine may be the boy brow, but I have so many staples in my makeup bag now.


Makeup + Skincare I packed for Scotland | Moddie Blog
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Travel makeup and skincare | Scotland

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here on the blog, but I’m going to Scotland SO soon. Like I’m knee deep in laundry soon. It’s going to be the best, and I haven’t been to that side of the world since I was 16 years old — a LOT has changed since then! So get excited for some Scotland photos, but until then get excited for some good ol’ travel makeup and skincare.

First thing of note is this awesome travel bag from Sephora by the brand Bouffants and Broken Hearts. Obsessed with it. I have a makeup pouch, but not nearly as efficient as this thing which has labels on each section for brushes, makeup, jewelry, and skincare. Ayayay I love me some organization.

Travel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie BlogTravel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie BlogAs you can see I’m packing pretty light — I’m a simple girl when it comes to makeup! I got my basics — foundation, concealer, my Glossier cloud paint and boy brow (get 20% off your Glossier orders here), some bronzer and mascara. I also threw in a lipstick because you never know! Topping it off I brought some to-go face masks for day after and day before the plane. That shit’s bad for yo skin! Gonna extra moisturize to prep!

My skincare routine is a little bit bigger, but thanks to this Pixi Double Cleanser I think that’s going to cover me for the most part! I’ve also got my #1 moisturizer — the ultra repair cream from First Aid Beauty. I couldn’t go a day without this stuff. I am still figuring out a way to get my toner in. I may just toss my Pixi Glow Peel Pads in my bag since the container is too big for my toiletry bag.

Travel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie Blog Travel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie BlogFor my hair I’m bringing Dove Shampoo + Conditioner in my lil gotoobs. I’m also bringing my Young Again oil by Kevin Murphy which is the biggest godsend for my hair. I squeeze a tiny bit into my palms and work them through my hair after getting out of the shower. It protects your hair from heat and the elements, while also making it look nice and shiny with no frizz! After drying my hair I use a smaller amount to tame fly-aways and to get my hair to stick together as opposed to being a frizz ball. It is amazing. Not leaving the USA without it.

And that is one part of my packing covered! Here I come, Scotland!


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Get your $20 Outdoor Voices Discount!

Y’all know I love me some Outdoor Voices stuff – see me run around in it here. So when I got a 20$ Outdoor Voices discount email this morning I ran to the website to see what’s new and there’s a LOT of new! I’m really loving their biker shorts that I got in their Spring Cleaning Sale (see link below) and am anxiously waiting for them to appear on my doorstep.

$20 Outdoor Voices Discount | Moddie BlogThe Trail Jacket in Pebbled Rose is so gorgeous. Ughhhh anything with pink sign me up. I’m sad that I bought a windbreaker recently because I can’t justify buying another one so soon. But maybe one day. I’m also in love with anything cropped these days – and loving this green top! Also – this entire white number needs to be in my closet when I’m not hurting for moola. SO good.

$20 Outdoor Voices Discount | Moddie Blog $20 Outdoor Voices Discount | Moddie Blog $20 Outdoor Voices Discount | Moddie BlogDid I also mention their cacti collection – the greens are gorgeous shades and perfect for spring/summer. When this came out I almost died because how perfect is it to have a workout collection in cactus shades! Killin’ it.

Check out their spring cleaning sale here where you can get 30% off with the code SPRINGCLEANING, or click here to get $20 off your first purchase at OV!