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My new Warby Parker glasses have arrived! | Moddie Blog

My new Warby Parker glasses are here!

I’ve had Warby Parker Glasses for going on five years now (maybe longer) and somehow I’m only just now on my third pair. That means I went wayyyy too long without getting a new prescription. But times have changed! My third pair of Warby Parkers came in the mail this past weekend. Short story: I love them.

If you don’t know anything about Warby Parker… where have you been? Only slightly kidding. Warby Parker is a glasses store that basically brought affordable designer eyewear to the table, while also working with nonprofits to provide a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair of glasses sold! So if you buy a pair, someone else gets one! Awesome company. Other cool things to note:

  • They are opening a store in Heights Mercantile (a brand new shopping mecca in the heights)!
  • They have started doing eye exams in some of their stores – which is awesome for people like me who are too lazy to take multiple steps in getting glasses.
  • They do a free home try-on for those of you who don’t have a local store!

My go-to frames for the past few years were the Percey style, which I honestly considered re-buying. They’re such a great shape! But I knew I wanted to try something a liiiittle different. These frames are the Begley in whiskey tortoise! Still very harry potter vibe, but a little bit more hexagonal. I’m into them, can you tell?

My new Warby Parker glasses are here | Moddie Blog My new Warby Parker glasses are here | Moddie Blog My new Warby Parker glasses are here | Moddie Blog My new Warby Parker glasses are here | Moddie BlogWhen I was in Austin last month, we stopped into the Warby Parker store and tried on probably a million pairs of glasses so that I knew what frames I would want. There are so many awesome pairs (like these, and these, and these) that I may start buying glasses more frequently.

You know, when I stop being a poor millennial kid.


Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog

Summer Outfit For Being Poolside In Houston

Oh hellooooo, welcome to summer in Houston where it’s blusteringly hot & the summer storms roll through. When it’s not storming, it’s incredibly beautiful but too damn hot! Good thing we’ve got no shortage of white linen-y shirts to wear around while we sweat, right? That’s my go-to anyways. Been preppin’ for white linen night in the heights all summer and thank goodness I went over to the Nordstrom annual sale with my lil personal shopper, Sara, whose job was to find me the perf summer outfit!

Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogHouston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogHouston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogNot only did Sara walk around holding all the clothes for me to try on, she also made me try on things I normally wouldn’t. And lo & behold who walked out of Nordstrom with two items that she would never have tried on if she was alone — me. Yo girl got her birthday, summer outfit AND a great light top for steamy Houston weather. The best part about this top is that it’s got elastic around the bottom so depending on how sweaty you’re getting you can continue to raise it up to catch that breeze. 😂 I love me a good crop top and this one def fits the bill. 

Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog Can’t forget my most fav jean shorts of the summer that I got from Anthropologie but are ALSO at Nordstrom now. They’re the perfect wash & fit like a glove. Can’t forget your most needed accessory — a nice, cold glass of ice water. I was sucking it down while taking photos cause ya know. Hot. What’s your go-to summer outfit?

Find my Top & Shorts!


Unboxing my FabFitFun Box | Moddie Blog
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Unboxing my FABFITFUN Box! | Summer 2017

I got an interesting email a few weeks ago from FabFitFun telling me that my Summer box was shipping soon, and I thought “wait, didn’t I cancel that?”. Apparently not. I then spoke with customer service to cancel my box because I don’t need to be spending $50 on superfluous things right now, and then said they’d refund me. Fast forward a day later and I got an email saying it was toooooo late for a refund & to enjoy my box!

Unboxing my FabFitFun Box | Moddie BlogUnboxing my FabFitFun Box | Moddie Blog

So, as you can imagine when my box showed up I was kind of annoyed because I wanted my $50 back. HOWEVER, no use crying over spilled milk. The vacation packaging was too cute, but I held out to open up the box on video – so you can scroll down and watch via YouTube (subscribe & like and all those things). But I also took some pics for the blog so here ya gooooo! Also, if you want to see my last FabFitFun box unboxing click here!

Also, just a little update since I opened this earlier this week – I have been wearing the Cargo HD highlighter every day & am obsessed. The necklace I got is also a winner and have been wearing it nonstop. Been trying out the eye cream, but going to wait a few weeks before I determine if it’s worth it or not!