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The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog

The Basic White Tee

So, if you tuned in last week when I was talking about Time Capsule Wardrobes, you may remember that I was talking about wanting a good basic white tee shirt. Well, I found one!

The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogI’m not even really sure how I found this tee, but I think it was from googling “best basic white tee” 1,000 times. So this tee shirt is a hanes collab with x karla! Find the collab here. You may be thinking β€” abbey, this is a basic hanes tee. AND YOU’RE BASICALLY RIGHT. But it is a slightly different fit and the material is sturdy as always and I’m basically happy so you can join me or find me next week talking about something different. Also you can do some workouts in this shirt, which apparently I was doing while playing with self-timer. Booty work, always. Cause I don’t have one.

The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogThe Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogI got “the crew” which the creator described as “I wanted a shirt that I saw on all the heroines in movies from Grace Kelly to Winona Ryder. Tight neck, fitted through body and a sleeve that’s just right.”. Exactly what I was looking for. The most classic of tee shirts. How many times have I said tee in this blog post. Prob 1 too many.

Okay, you get the gist. I got the shirt. Now I’m on the look out for my brown chelsea boots. If you get lucky and find some, PLEASE send them my way because your girl is desperate for some boots. Somehow I’ll survive.

PS: Currently reading All the Birds in the Sky and it’s kind of strange, but enjoyable. Will update in my next book post which will be coming soon because I’ve been reading a looot! Okay, I’ll leave this ramble where it is and catch ya on the flip side.



Learning Time Capsule Wardrobes

Have you ever heard of a time capsule wardrobe? It’s something that was brought to my attention in this video by The Anna Edit (of whom I love, so check her out). It was started by Caroline Rector (of Unfancy) when she realized she was shopping too much and not really adding anything of value to her closet. She stopped shopping for three months and only wore items from a strategically picked 37 item wardrobe. Now every 3 months (basically every season) she only adds specific items she’s missing to her wardrobe. This also means you can’t shop for three months. Eep.

So I like the idea behind this a LOT, but I think not shopping for three months and then splurging on some big items doesn’t feel doable to me. I would rather just strategically pick items every three months and buy throughout. Does that make sense? I know it’s basically the same, but homegirl needs to get her shopping bug out slowly over time. πŸ˜‰ Caroline even made a free planner that you can fill out while figuring out your time capsule!

Step 1 is to purge. I am reeeeally good at this step, but I need to take it further. I purge every few months of things I don’t love, but somehow my closet is stillΒ filled to the brim (to be fair I only have one and it’s got my whole life in there). As I’m moving (!!!!) in the next couple of months I really need to go ham on my closet and purge everything. Friends, be ready, my wardrobe is comin’ at you.

Time Capsule Wardrobe | Moddie Blog Time Capsule Wardrobe | Moddie BlogBut the most fun part is picking out items for the next season! Also, if you can’t get everything this season this idea is pretty cool because you can write down what pieces you still need and pull them back out for next year. Like if you want a solid pair of black boots and you 1) can’t afford them or 2) haven’t found the exact right pair then just wait and next year you might get luckier. I really adore this minimalistic idea and have been trying to emulate that in my apartment now, but I need to keep pushing out things little by little.

On to the fun part, Step 2 β€” What I need for winter:

So here’s my strategy. Pinterest. I literally spent about five hours the other night scrolling through pinterest and pinning all my winter fashion inspiration. A common theme occurred of the style I want. So lets dig in.

1. A long, neutral coat β€” I have been pinning these looks like crazy. A long coat over a sweater or sweatshirt with some ripped denim. Staple piece that is missing from my closet. I literally only have 1 red coat. Time for a neutral gorgeous thing. Found this one on Madewell, so that might be the one! Or this one from Topshop.

2. Brown Chelsea Boots β€” I had a pair of brown chelsea boots for years through college up to this past year when I finally had to toss them because they had a giant hole in the sole of the shoe. I wore them through New Zealand, I wore them to bars, I was obsessed with them. I immediately tried to look for a replacement and have had no such luck yet. So I’m definitely keeping my eye out and willing to splurge a tiny bit because I know I’ll wear them almost every day.

3. A classic leather belt β€” Again found this one on Madewell that I think will do. Once again just a staple wardrobe piece that I can always come back to that will add a little something extra to my outfits.

Time Capsule Wardrobe | Moddie Blog4. Classic White Tee β€” I actually already got this one, although I’ll keep you updated on how I like it as it hasn’t arrived yet. Everyone has a solid white tee that they loves, but I have yet to have found mine! So I went with this crew tee from a Hanes collab with x Karla.

5. Pair of Mules β€” This is definitely a little trendy, but I think I’ll get good use out of some mules if I can find some that won’t completely break the bank and are of good quality. I love these from St. Agni. Not completely sold on these from Madewell, but the price point is definitely better. I tried these ones from Everlane and they were unfortunately a little big, but so gorgeous!

Time Capsule Wardrobe | Moddie BlogI’m good on jeans for the time being and don’t have much inspiration as far as bags go! The only other thing I’d like for Winter would be an oversized chunky sweater, but I have some sweaters that may do.

What would be in your time capsule wardrobe?

New in Fashion + Beauty | Fall 2017
Beauty, Fashion

New in Beauty + Fashion | Fall 2017

Hellooooo, friends. It is mid September which means I get to tell you about some random stuff that I’ve gotten this month. Some beauty, some fashion. I know you can see it already from the photos, but I’m going to type all my feelings out anyways.

  1. Deciem’s Serum Foundation: I ordered this stuff as soon as it came back in stock in JULY, you guys. I got the email and I immediately raced over to the website to get this $6.70 foundation. Mostly because it’s cheaper than even drugstore foundations and also because I’m in love with The Ordinary. I tried this on yesterday and it’s a pretty good match for me β€” I got the 1.1 P shade which basically means I’m pale AF with pink undertones. Cool. So you only need a tiny bit of this, I used a full pump and it was way too much. It spread easily (I used my fingers instead of a brush) and felt really nice on my skin. Kind of exactly how you’d imagine a serum foundation to feel. Almost like a bit thicker tinted moisturizer. The staying power was good all yesterday and it gave a good amount of coverage. So far so good on this lil guy.
  2. The pointed slide by Everlane: Have you ever seen something so pretty? Maybe you have, but this is a really nice contender. I’ve been wanting some slides all summer but haven’t found the perfect or most price efficient ones. Then I found these on Everlane for $145. Not too heft, but definitely pretty enough to justify the price. They’re gorgeous in person. Unfortunately slightly too big so I’m having to return for a half size smaller. But ver excited about these.
  3. Milky Jelly Cleanser by Glossier: Finally a full bottle of this stuff to call my own. I’ve been living off of samples from my other purchases & I finally have it in my possession. This stuff is kind of jelly, but in a way that I’m into it. It’s got the same gentle cleaning agents found in contact solutions so you can use it around the eyes safely. Eeeee can’t wait to use this all up.
  4. Super Pure by Glossier: I just finished up my Super Bounce serum so I’m very excited to get into Super Pure (which I think has the best reviews of all three of their serums). This is a niacinamide and zinc serum made to calm your breakouts and the redness in your skin. That’s me! Okay, I’ll be sure to report back on this one but I think it’s going to be amazing.

ALSO, don’t forget you can get 20% off your entire Glossier purchase if you shop with me HERE.

What are you using this fall that you love? Let me know in the comments.