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Edinburgh City Guide Part Two

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! In completely un-american fashion (just kidding, spent the whole weekend with my family at the lake), we’re going to talk about EUROPE! Let’s get through Edinburgh, shall we? Enjoy the end to our Edinburgh City Guide… lets go!

(If you didn’t read Part One, click here!)

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogOur second day in Edinburgh was our first full-on rainy day (those above photos are a bit misleading), but we trudged on with our rain coats and umbrellas to continue to enjoy all the city had to offer. Our first stop was Hula Juice Cafe & Gallery for breakfast. I spotted this place on our first day and was determined to come back and enjoy it because it’s truly the cutest. It’s right off grassmarket and has yummy healthy juices, good eats, and a great people-watching window.

After our breakfast, we trekked uphill to Edinburgh Castle. The castle is giant from the outside, but also giant on the inside. We grabbed some audio guides (although I ended up tossing mine halfway through) and began our tour. There’s lots to see and you can easily spend hours wandering around. We enjoyed the pet cemetery (sad, but sweet), the scotch tastings (burned me), and touring the dungeons.

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogAfter touring the castle, we headed down past Princes Street Gardens (they line the castle on the North side and are just gorgeous) to the Scotland National Gallery! Unluckily a lot of it was under construction, but we did see some gorgeous paintings that were def worth the free admission. 😉 We got lunch at Bella Italia, which I’m pretty sure is just a little chain restaurant but it sure hit the spot after walking all morning. I popped into Oliver Bonas a few shops down and my mom had to drag me out. Continue Reading

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie Blog

Hi, Scotland | Edinburgh City Guide PT 1

If you follow me on instagram, then you know that I was in Scotland all last week! My mom and I took ourselves on a lil euro trip and had the best time. We saw a number of castles, incredible beaches and mountains, and looottss more! Thought I would tell you guys about Edinburgh because it’s where we spent most of our time and save the rest for later! So lets get into this Edinburgh City Guide!

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie Blog  Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogIf you want the best view in Edinburgh, stay where we did at the Apex Grassmarket Hotel. Can you even believe that view of the castle? That was our balcony! When I woke up each morning, the castle is what I saw. Not to mention the location was amazing, a block or two off of the Royal Mile (a mile long of shopping, restaurants, etc and ends right at Edinburgh Castle), and across the street from a bunch of cute lil’ restaurants and bars. T’was the perfect location for two Americans who were kind of winging this Scottish trip.

We only had 2 1/2 days in Edinburgh so we planned accordingly. We got in on Friday afternoon and settled into our amazing hotel before going out to scout some dinner and walk a bit around Grassmarket to get our bearings. I dragged my mom over to Greyfriar’s Kirkyard, where Lord Voldemort is buried along with McGonagall (cuz we’re harry potter nerds). It’s a beautiful church and graveyard and we ended up going back again on Saturday coincidentally! Bobby, the most famous dog in Scotland is buried there and people leave him balls and sticks on his grave. Rumor has it that he was a watchman’s dog and when the officer passed away, Bobby would go sit by his grave for years which earned a lot of love from the locals. And now we all love Bobby. We then ate pizza across the street from the hotel and drank some good red wine. The people watching at Grassmarket is amazing — tons of guys in kilts and pups galore.

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie Blog Continue Reading

Makeup + Skincare I packed for Scotland | Moddie Blog
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Travel makeup and skincare | Scotland

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here on the blog, but I’m going to Scotland SO soon. Like I’m knee deep in laundry soon. It’s going to be the best, and I haven’t been to that side of the world since I was 16 years old — a LOT has changed since then! So get excited for some Scotland photos, but until then get excited for some good ol’ travel makeup and skincare.

First thing of note is this awesome travel bag from Sephora by the brand Bouffants and Broken Hearts. Obsessed with it. I have a makeup pouch, but not nearly as efficient as this thing which has labels on each section for brushes, makeup, jewelry, and skincare. Ayayay I love me some organization.

Travel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie BlogTravel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie BlogAs you can see I’m packing pretty light — I’m a simple girl when it comes to makeup! I got my basics — foundation, concealer, my Glossier cloud paint and boy brow (get 20% off your Glossier orders here), some bronzer and mascara. I also threw in a lipstick because you never know! Topping it off I brought some to-go face masks for day after and day before the plane. That shit’s bad for yo skin! Gonna extra moisturize to prep!

My skincare routine is a little bit bigger, but thanks to this Pixi Double Cleanser I think that’s going to cover me for the most part! I’ve also got my #1 moisturizer — the ultra repair cream from First Aid Beauty. I couldn’t go a day without this stuff. I am still figuring out a way to get my toner in. I may just toss my Pixi Glow Peel Pads in my bag since the container is too big for my toiletry bag.

Travel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie Blog Travel makeup and skincare for Scotland | Moddie BlogFor my hair I’m bringing Dove Shampoo + Conditioner in my lil gotoobs. I’m also bringing my Young Again oil by Kevin Murphy which is the biggest godsend for my hair. I squeeze a tiny bit into my palms and work them through my hair after getting out of the shower. It protects your hair from heat and the elements, while also making it look nice and shiny with no frizz! After drying my hair I use a smaller amount to tame fly-aways and to get my hair to stick together as opposed to being a frizz ball. It is amazing. Not leaving the USA without it.

And that is one part of my packing covered! Here I come, Scotland!