My Favorite Face Masks | Fall 2017

My favorite Face Masks | Fall 2017

I’ve been into face masks since college, but in the past year or two have really forced them into my weekly beauty routine. On a good week I’m doing masks two or more times a week, but on an off week I’ll probably just get one in. I thought I’d share some of my favorites and some new ones I’ve just picked up because masks are INTEGRAL to your beauty routine! And if you think face masks are expensive, think again. You’re not getting out of this that easy, lady. I’ve got a nice price range for ya. Check them out below.

My Favorite Face Masks | Fall 2017   Lets start with some moderately priced face masks from Origins. These are two staples since 2013 and probably will continue to be in rotation for years going forward.

  • Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask $27— When applied to skin, the active charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out dirt, debris and impurities. This is definitely a good one to throw on after a night-out. It goes on really smooth, you wait until it dries, and then wash off! Easy enough.
  • Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask $27— You use this guy at night time in place of your nightly moisturizer and when you wake, you may not need it for the day! It leaves your skin so supple & hydrated due to Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils that “quench compromised moisture reserves and help build a reservoir for tomorrow”. Seriously great for getting on or off a plane.

My Favorite Face Masks | Fall 2017My Favorite Face Masks | Fall 2017Lush’s Fresh Face Masks are a fun inexpensive option, but they do have a slight downside. Since they’re fresh they do have an expiration date about a week or two out from when you buy them. Which means you gotta use them up quick! It is good motivation to mask daily, but sometimes I forget and get sad seeing it expired in my fridge. That being said, I LOVE the Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. It says it’s for oily skin (I’m combination) but I don’t let that stop me because it also soothes redness and clears up blemishes. “With spearmint oil to cool, vanilla absolute to calm redness and Rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse, this is one sweet savior.”

Some new face masks just joined my club from Target and they’re from Yes to Tomatoes! They’re $2.50 each and come to fight different face issues! I used the Yes to Tomatoes Acne Fighting Paper Mask after some mean hormonal breakouts and the next day my face was totally calm! Could be coincidental, but most likely this mask is going to stay in my arsenal. I also picked up the Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask and the Miracle Oil Mud Mask – PrimRose.

My Favorite Face Masks | Fall 2017 My Favorite Face Masks | Fall 2017

If your skin is dehydrated, check out the Karuna Hydrating Face Masks. I got these in my FabFitFun box a few months ago and have gone through almost all of them (one left), so you know they’re good. It’s made out of 100% natural wood-pulp fiber, allowing pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and nourishing ingredients for ultimate hydration. It contains a “powerful blend of hyaluronic acid and peptides to renew, aloe vera and chamomile to hydrate, and Chinese licorice and vitamin B to detoxify”.

Last but not least I just picked up two packs of Lapcos Metallic Sheet Masks. So far I love them! Anthro carries them and so does Emerson Rose (if you’re local to HTX). Otherwise they’re kind of hard to find online! I bought the Charcoal pack & the pearl pack. We know charcoal extracts dirt/grime and tightens pores, but the pearl brightens the skin and revitalizes dark spots so they are the perfect pair to make your skin glooooww!

Man, I love a good face mask.

Also, if anyone has tried the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch let a girl know. I’ve heard it’s insane, and I want to try it! What are your favorite face masks that I should try??


Exploring The Getty Museum | Los Angeles

Exploring The Getty Museum | Los Angeles

Well, well if it isn’t sunny Los Angeles, California. We’ve been lucky enough to be hanging out in LA for the past 5 days looking for an apartment for this one who just accepted a new job! We were successful on the apartment hunt, so we decided to treat ourselves to an afternoon at The Getty Museum.

We were only there for about an hour and a half, so we’re definitely going to have to go back to enjoy all the art and exhibits. But we did get to see the grounds and all of the breathtaking views. Our favorite part was probably the cactus garden. We’re big fans of cacti, I have to say. We were in the right city for it.

Exploring The Getty Museum | Los Angeles Exploring The Getty Museum | Los AngelesExploring The Getty Museum | Los AngelesExploring The Getty Museum | Los Angeles

Exploring The Getty Museum | Los AngelesWhat they say is true — California is the place to be for gorgeous weather. I got to hop and skip around the lawn in my white tee, mom jeans, and a sweatshirt. This may be a new favorite combo. Sweater weather is definitely a thing in LA (near the beach, at least).

The Getty has gorgeous gardens that are a must see if you’re in the area. Bring some food, drinks and a blanket and lay out on their lawn that overlooks crazy LA views. Perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Continue Reading

The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog

The Basic White Tee

So, if you tuned in last week when I was talking about Time Capsule Wardrobes, you may remember that I was talking about wanting a good basic white tee shirt. Well, I found one!

The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie Blog The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogI’m not even really sure how I found this tee, but I think it was from googling “best basic white tee” 1,000 times. So this tee shirt is a hanes collab with x karla! Find the collab here. You may be thinking — abbey, this is a basic hanes tee. AND YOU’RE BASICALLY RIGHT. But it is a slightly different fit and the material is sturdy as always and I’m basically happy so you can join me or find me next week talking about something different. Also you can do some workouts in this shirt, which apparently I was doing while playing with self-timer. Booty work, always. Cause I don’t have one.

The Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogThe Perfect Basic White Tee | Moddie BlogI got “the crew” which the creator described as “I wanted a shirt that I saw on all the heroines in movies from Grace Kelly to Winona Ryder. Tight neck, fitted through body and a sleeve that’s just right.”. Exactly what I was looking for. The most classic of tee shirts. How many times have I said tee in this blog post. Prob 1 too many.

Okay, you get the gist. I got the shirt. Now I’m on the look out for my brown chelsea boots. If you get lucky and find some, PLEASE send them my way because your girl is desperate for some boots. Somehow I’ll survive.

PS: Currently reading All the Birds in the Sky and it’s kind of strange, but enjoyable. Will update in my next book post which will be coming soon because I’ve been reading a looot! Okay, I’ll leave this ramble where it is and catch ya on the flip side.