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Glossier Wowder Powder Review | Moddie Blog
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Glossier Wowder Powder Review & 20% Off | Moddie Blog

Glossier is one of my faaaaavorite beauty brands. So I’m super psyched that they reached out to ask me to be a Glossier rep! I use their products on the reg and just recently got their brand new Wowder Powder! So I thought I’d do a little review for you guys. Honestly I wasn’t too into the powder train because I’ve been loving a good summer, glowy look. You want to put powder on my glow? No, thanks. But I thought I would try it out just incaaase, or for when winter rolls around and I don’t want to look greasy. Ya know.

For a simple lil makeup look, I generally start off with the Glossier stretch concealer in light, which I’ve really grown to love. It’s very dewy and illuminating. Perfect for under the eyes. I also like to put it on my chin and around my nose where redness hangs out. Then I use the wowder on top to cut some of the dewy and to set the concealer. All the illumination is still there!

Y’all every single day I use the cloud paint in the shade puff. It’s so summer-y and easy to use. I put the tiniest drop on my ring finger, pat half onto my other ring finger and then blend onto each cheek. Easy, breezy. Then you gotta do the brows. I use boy brow in blonde – another go-to every day for natural looking, full brows.

Glossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogMakeup done! To add some dewiness back on to the face, you can use their haloscope along the cheekbones and down the nose. It works super well and then you don’t have to worry about lookin’ sweaty. Don’t forget the balm dot com on the lips. Also a fav.

Glossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogGlossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blog Glossier Wowder Powder Review | moddie blogDiiiiid I mention you can buy the cute Wowder brush too? Get it as a set to save some money & you can shop with me to get 20% off your entire purchase. 🙂 What’s your fav glossier product? Mine may be the boy brow, but I have so many staples in my makeup bag now.


Unboxing my FabFitFun Box | Moddie Blog
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Unboxing my FABFITFUN Box! | Summer 2017

I got an interesting email a few weeks ago from FabFitFun telling me that my Summer box was shipping soon, and I thought “wait, didn’t I cancel that?”. Apparently not. I then spoke with customer service to cancel my box because I don’t need to be spending $50 on superfluous things right now, and then said they’d refund me. Fast forward a day later and I got an email saying it was toooooo late for a refund & to enjoy my box!

Unboxing my FabFitFun Box | Moddie BlogUnboxing my FabFitFun Box | Moddie Blog

So, as you can imagine when my box showed up I was kind of annoyed because I wanted my $50 back. HOWEVER, no use crying over spilled milk. The vacation packaging was too cute, but I held out to open up the box on video – so you can scroll down and watch via YouTube (subscribe & like and all those things). But I also took some pics for the blog so here ya gooooo! Also, if you want to see my last FabFitFun box unboxing click here!

Also, just a little update since I opened this earlier this week – I have been wearing the Cargo HD highlighter every day & am obsessed. The necklace I got is also a winner and have been wearing it nonstop. Been trying out the eye cream, but going to wait a few weeks before I determine if it’s worth it or not!


Random eyebrow trick | moddie blog

Weird eyebrow trick I’ve been doing lately

Guys this is so short & random, but I want to talk about it. I love eyebrows — they’re my favorite thing to do on my face. Weird phrasing, but you get the idea. If I’m leaving the house there’s a 95% chance that my eyebrows are brushed, tweaked, filled and ready to go. I’ve recently been trying to “grow them out”. I’m not exactly sure what I mean by that because my brow hairs are always long, wiry, and ready to be trimmed. But I decided to see what happened if I just let them loose!

Random eyebrow trick | Moddie BlogThis is still a work in progress and not plucking the strays at the bottom has been oddly freeing. Am I the only one in the world whose kind of into the bushy eyebrow? No, probably not. But I probably am the only one whose not plucking at ALL. It’s the best. Goes perfectly with the minimal makeup routine I’ve been doing lately.

Random eyebrow trick | Moddie Blog Random eyebrow trick | Moddie BlogAnyways, back to my weird beauty tip. A while back I was brushing out my brows, as you do, and was frustrated because they were looking so flat & unoriginal. Dumb brows, get it together. So I brushed them backwards. You know how when you want crazy 80s volume in your hair & you backcomb it and then get a little terrified that your hair can possibly look that way? That’s what I did to my brows, but it was amazing! I brushed them backwards and then upwards with my brush, and then ran them through with my boy brow from Glossier in blonde (get 20% off here). They end up looking full, natural, and very bushy chic. I’m super into it.

Random eyebrow trick | Moddie Blog Random eyebrow trick | Moddie BlogHave any tips for your brows? Let me know, I’m always down for some insider beauty knowledge. 😉 Hope you enjoyed this eyebrow trick, and follow me on instagram & facebook for more!