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Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog

Summer Outfit For Being Poolside In Houston

Oh hellooooo, welcome to summer in Houston where it’s blusteringly hot & the summer storms roll through. When it’s not storming, it’s incredibly beautiful but too damn hot! Good thing we’ve got no shortage of white linen-y shirts to wear around while we sweat, right? That’s my go-to anyways. Been preppin’ for white linen night in the heights all summer and thank goodness I went over to the Nordstrom annual sale with my lil personal shopper, Sara, whose job was to find me the perf summer outfit!

Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogHouston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogHouston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blogNot only did Sara walk around holding all the clothes for me to try on, she also made me try on things I normally wouldn’t. And lo & behold who walked out of Nordstrom with two items that she would never have tried on if she was alone — me. Yo girl got her birthday, summer outfit AND a great light top for steamy Houston weather. The best part about this top is that it’s got elastic around the bottom so depending on how sweaty you’re getting you can continue to raise it up to catch that breeze. 😂 I love me a good crop top and this one def fits the bill. 

Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog Houston summertime outfit for poolside days! | moddie blog Can’t forget my most fav jean shorts of the summer that I got from Anthropologie but are ALSO at Nordstrom now. They’re the perfect wash & fit like a glove. Can’t forget your most needed accessory — a nice, cold glass of ice water. I was sucking it down while taking photos cause ya know. Hot. What’s your go-to summer outfit?

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summer hat + jumpsuit | moddie blog

Tis’ the season for a summer hat + jumpsuit

GUYS, I bought a vintage, summer hat the other weekend and ever since I’ve been dreaming about how to wear it. How many outfits can I get away with wearing it with? Denim? Linen? Silk? Anything seems possible with a straw hat (now that I mentioned silk – that sounds AMAZING). I’m so thrilled. It’s throwing me back to ACL days where I borrowed a straw hat from my friend Brenda and let her pin it into my thick hair, trusting her to make me look like a pixie dream girl. Well, straw hat, I’m back.

I got this particular baby from Merch and Market, the coolest little place off Westheimer near Montrose. I took a selfie in it (of course) and then plucked up the courage to ask how much it was, even though I was pretty sure it was $100+! Turned out it was only $35, so I took that as a sign that it belonged on my hat wall. I put it on while wearing my yellow rainboots and BAM — a match made in heaven.

  I bought this jumpsuit at Emerson Rose literally yesterday (eeee!) and am SO happy I did. It’s so comfy and light — perfect for Houston summer. Also, not very expensive! I’m going to wear it every day with different shoes (and my summer hat) and not give AF about anything else. That’s my fav kinda fashion. Are we into it? Lemme know. 😉

Happy Friday, all! If you’re interested — check out my Houston weekend guide, and get busy this weekend! Getting out and doing fun things in town is my FAV and I want you all to join! So get in on the action and click HERE, and have all the fun this weekend! Also, get a summer hat. I promise you’ll love it.


Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie Blog

Edinburgh City Guide Part Two

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! In completely un-american fashion (just kidding, spent the whole weekend with my family at the lake), we’re going to talk about EUROPE! Let’s get through Edinburgh, shall we? Enjoy the end to our Edinburgh City Guide… lets go!

(If you didn’t read Part One, click here!)

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogOur second day in Edinburgh was our first full-on rainy day (those above photos are a bit misleading), but we trudged on with our rain coats and umbrellas to continue to enjoy all the city had to offer. Our first stop was Hula Juice Cafe & Gallery for breakfast. I spotted this place on our first day and was determined to come back and enjoy it because it’s truly the cutest. It’s right off grassmarket and has yummy healthy juices, good eats, and a great people-watching window.

After our breakfast, we trekked uphill to Edinburgh Castle. The castle is giant from the outside, but also giant on the inside. We grabbed some audio guides (although I ended up tossing mine halfway through) and began our tour. There’s lots to see and you can easily spend hours wandering around. We enjoyed the pet cemetery (sad, but sweet), the scotch tastings (burned me), and touring the dungeons.

Edinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogEdinburgh City Guide | Moddie BlogAfter touring the castle, we headed down past Princes Street Gardens (they line the castle on the North side and are just gorgeous) to the Scotland National Gallery! Unluckily a lot of it was under construction, but we did see some gorgeous paintings that were def worth the free admission. 😉 We got lunch at Bella Italia, which I’m pretty sure is just a little chain restaurant but it sure hit the spot after walking all morning. I popped into Oliver Bonas a few shops down and my mom had to drag me out. Continue Reading